“We really needed a platform that was built around the Pakistani e-commerce market and is still flexible enough for us to customize in a way that it fits around our business processes and our business needs and in Ginkgo, we found a perfect solution it provided us with answers with all of our questions and problems what it did was they gave us a platform that works for us from start to finish all the way from product availability, to instant fulfilment, warehousing, logistics and tracking eventually payments and cash collection."

Umer Saahi - Co Founder & Head of Ecommerce

"With Ginkgo, we have achieved the highest number of sales in the last month, particularly during Blessed Friday. Ginkgo helped us in all domains like order management and inventory management. We delivered timely orders and met the highest number of order fulfillment. We hit the maximum number of sales that really counts in our annual targets. I highly recommend Ginkgo as it enhanced our overall journey of e-commerce"

Amir Khan - Head of Ecommerce (SSC)

"I want to thank the one and only Ginkgo Retail software who have managed to help me. Order management and logistic management. The best Ecommerce operational ERP and one of the finest automated e-commerce solutions."

Rahim Pardesi - CEO of PS wear

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