Who we are

We are a team of proven eCommerce pioneers, our job is to define business processes and identify industry needs before they even arise that are limiting a business’s potential. We provide the market with stability in their business processes and help merchants achieve desired results from their business through updated technology and automation.

Values, The key to success




Ushering in a new era of efficient commerce

We believe that we are perfectly equipped to change the face of commerce, as our footprint upon the eCommerce industry suggests, we have all the right ingredients to form the perfect recipe for a new world of efficient commerce. Our core specialty is that we’re veterans when it comes to online businesses, which allows us to assess the industry and cater to arising needs. 

Our Mission for Greatness

Our mission is to empower merchants by using smart technologies resulting in better control and improved operational efficiency of their brands. We believe that operational efficiency is the key to business success and that’s what we work for, to bring stability to our customer’s business processes through updated technology and automation. Thus enabling them to achieve excellence.

Ginkgo’s arsenal to change the world

Defining business processes, stable business, major footprint on eCommerce industry, identifying industry needs. Helping merchants achieve desired status ingredients for recipe.

Obaid Arshad

Co-founder & C.E.O 

Hassan Sajjad


Arbaz Khan

Software Product Manager

Fraz Meer

Creative Head

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