Up Your Game with Robust Product Management

An efficient product information management system improves processes and reduces costs and risks. The valuable features Ginkgo offers help save a lot of time because it reduces manual work so you have ample time to keep up with the demands of the products and get results faster.

Platform Features

Find Product Management Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Ginkgo offers simple and straightforward product management solutions! It can do wonders for your business’s cash flow and help organize the inventory, giving you more control. So Ginkgo not just helps you manage processes better but also helps you grow and thrive.

Powerful Bulk Media Uploading

Save time & energy by uploading images in bulk via fetching images & assigning them to products automatically.

Collection Sorting

Accelerate processes by filtering collections/categories according to the multiple rules designed for merchants’ convenience.

Record & Track Deleted Images

Keep a record of all deleted images so you can always recover items if and when needed.
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Image Optimization.

Customize any image to make it go live according to your desire.

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