Right data at the right time gives power to make right business decisions

When you get overall detailed reports of products as to which is a hot seller and in which area it is performing or not performing, you can accordingly devise marketing strategies and make them work to your benefit. Get accurate forecasts and inform planning on the basis of this data. With different reports, you can address the supply cycle demands, make targeted marketing strategies and track courier services to see where you need improvements.

Platform Features

Getting hold of crucial data will help you understand consumer behavior as well as the supply and demand dynamics. With this, you can enhance sales, improve inventory effectiveness, and overall operations to achieve customer satisfaction.
product level reporting

Product Level Reports

Stay aware of how, when and where your products are performing.
aging report

Aging Reports

Keep an eye on the duration your goods sit in the inventory.
courier tracking report

Actual Courier Tracking Reports

Measure the performance and service of couriers! Keep tabs on how many orders they process and how the delivery is managed.

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