Integrating Optimized procedures encourages better quality bringing in greater customer satisfaction

A central hub that effectively builds internal connections emboldens business growth within less time. Keep yourself updated by tracking the real-time process flows. Ginkgo’s WMS can be integrated into any warehouse model, whether single or multi-warehouse.

Platform Features

Let your warehouse operations move on flawlessly

The warehouse management system allows you to automate daily operations, removing basic human errors.

warehouse management system dashboard

Reduce Duplicate Order Dispatching

Users will get shipment labels downloaded and printed with versioning to avoid duplicate order dispatching.

Role Based User management

User Management System defines roles, users, and access granted to them. Through this, the system admin can decide what level of access they want to give its users.

Order Scanning

The scanning feature is available at every stage to eliminate flaws making sure that customers get what they exactly ordered.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Reduce workload by eliminating extra trips to pick products because you get sorted invoices according to the isles & bin locations therefore you’ll know right where everything is at all times.

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