Customer reviews are vital for a rapid business growth

Businesses get a boom with unmatchable product quality and fast delivery. Customer satisfaction is the major goal that can be judged by customers’ reviews regarding the delivery services and the product reached them. It helps eliminate existing flaws. The customized settings to get a general review of the entire order and individual products let you serve in a better way next time. The courier rating option assists in improving logistics.

Platform Features

Choose the optimum courier for every order

Significant reviews are a gateway to reaching customers’ minds. It helps to improve product quality and implement better logistics for faster and safer traceable deliveries. A good percentage of happy clients can be sustained
Universal order tracking

Universal order tracking

Activate the order tracking feature so merchants and customers can track their order journey. Monitoring the order journey let you resolve any issue immediately that may occur.

order reviews and rating

Reviews and ratings

Get precious product reviews and courier ratings from customers by making customized settings and reminding them through email to leave a review.

Order Cancellation

Order cancellation

Make order cancellations whether it is an approved, verified, or unverified order.  Merchants can terminate orders at any stage before shipping.

Reminder via Email

Reminder via email

Get customer reviews and ratings by sending email reminders. It let you know the satisfaction level of customers with your services.

Customize your Theme

Customize your theme

Customize the interface design by putting in the color scheme of your brand logo.

View order history

Make order history visible to the customers to gain their confidence and improve customer relationships

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