How will I be notified in case a courier reimburse successfully delivered orders amount into my account?

Courier payment details services are being used for this purpose. This means, when a courier company reimburses the merchant against the orders they have delivered, orders get automatically marked as paid in Ginkgo.

How would I know if a courier is not working due to any reason?

Courier working can be checked via order logs. If the courier is not working due to any reason, an error will prompt enforces the order to land in the dispatch issue log.

Is there any interface through which customers can view the order tracking details?

Yes! Ginkgo allows merchants to integrate tracking features to their website for customer ease and satisfaction. Through which customers can track their orders anytime they want regardless of the logistics partner through which their order is fulfilled.

How the customers are updated regarding the fulfillment process?

Ginkgo’s notification feature will inform the customers via SMS and email notification which triggers timely based on the order fulfillment stage. Customers will get notified that an order has been placed, processed, dispatched, or is delivered, etc.

Does Ginkgo provide fulfilled order tracking? If Yes, How does it work?

Yes! Ginkgo provides the facility for tracking orders statuses. More than 30 couriers tracking services are integrated for fetching the exact status of any order which is in-transit status. This way, the Merchant does not have to open up different portals to track orders. All can be done through a single interface of Ginkgo.

Can I assign orders to couriers based on Shipment Type?

Yes! Ginkgo allows merchants to assign orders to specific couriers based on their shipment type. Whether the order is to be delivered overnight or overseas, Ginkgo provides the feature of assigning these types of orders to specific couriers as well against the specific data set.

Can I assign orders to couriers based on the weight of an order?

Yes! Ginkgo allows you to assign orders to specific couriers based on their weight.

Can I assign orders to couriers based on the shipper’s and receiver’s location?

Yes! Orders can be assigned to couriers based on shipper and receiver location. Ginkgo provides a proper template via which location can be assigned based on geolocation.

Can I bifurcate orders between different logistics partners?

Yes! Orders can be bifurcated based on paid or Cash On Delivery as well.

How many logistics partners are integrated within Ginkgo?

Currently, 14+ logistic partners are integrated with Ginkgo including Aasaan Delivery, Loginext, Express, AHL, Daewoo Fastex, Instalogitics, Kazzola, PostEx, TCS, M&P, WCC, DHL, Leopards, Call Courier, and many more.