What if I have a call center for customer services? Can I integrate it with the Ginkgo?

Yes, It can be integrated with Ginkgo. In case you are using third-party call center services, Ginkgo can be integrated with them through APIs for different purposes like order verifications and customer details fetching.

Can I create custom views for quick filtration of the desired orders?

Yes! Custom views can be created for quick filtration. Ginkgo provides this facility to merchants to set views according to the desired orders.

How Ginkgo can facilitate me in minimizing the delivery of wrong products?

To make sure the delivery of the right product to the customer Ginkgo provides a scan & Ship feature. On a dispatch step, this feature scans the barcode of the product. Barcodes are the unique identifiers for each product that differs in product size, color, shape, etc. If the barcode of the order does not… Continue reading How Ginkgo can facilitate me in minimizing the delivery of wrong products?

Is Ginkgo integrated with the FBR portal?

Yes! Ginkgo is integrated with FBR POS. Merchant can set multiple sets of rules and triggers through which orders sale will be posted in FBR.

Does Ginkgo support autonomous order verification processes?

Yes! Ginkgo supports the autonomous order verification process as well. Auto-verification of orders can be done via SMS or IVR calling features

Can I manage the accessibility/permissions of an individual user?

Yes, Ginkgo allows you to manage permissions for an individual user as well. These permissions can be customized as well according to the job and role description of the user.

Is there a different or the same view for Shop and Admin users?

Ginkgo provides a different view for the shop and admin users to keep watchable according to the user’s need. Moreover, it provides an additional feature to create a custom view as well through which shop and admin view can be altered for user ease.

How duplicate orders are identified?

It depends upon the setting availed by the merchant on how they want the orders to be identified. They can identify based on the order name, through line item, customer name etc.

Are the customers notified of the update of orders’ statuses?

Yes! Depending upon the activated notification triggers customers are being notified of the order statuses. These notifications can be generated via SMS, IVR Calls, custom messages or generic system notifications. Customers can be notified throughout the order journey including placement, fulfillment, and dispatch.

How international orders are processed?

International orders are catered uniquely. Merchants can auto-fulfill international orders through International Logistics partners like DHL and get the printout of the airway bill documentation necessary for the air and road freights.