What if there is a vendor which doesn’t have any ERP on the backend? Can I still add it in Ginkgo?

Yes! A vendor with no ERP can be created as well. Their inventory source can be set to manual or can be directly fetched through an e-commerce store as well.

How can I onboard external Vendors on Ginkgo?

Ginkgo provides a handy way to onboard an external vendor on Ginkgo. The multi-vendor module allows merchants to create vendor details, its inventory, and order posting standards which welcome multiple vendors to get connected to Gingko.

Can two online stores share inventory in between?

Yes! Ginkgo permits merchants to share inventory between two online stores.

Can I integrate and manage multiple e-commerce stores from a single view?

Yes! Ginkgo allows merchants to integrate multiple e-commerce stores or multiple sales channels which can be managed through a single view easily.

How to balance inventory overbooking for retail store customers and online customers?

Inventory overbooking for the retail store and online customers can be balanced by: 1.Implementing inventory buffer – In this way, inventory can be reserved for physical customers and avoid overbooking. 2.Automated Inventory synchronization

What if an external integration is failed? How will I be notified?

If the external integration fails, the merchant will be notified timely mentioning the reason for the crash. This integration can be done later on as and when needed.

What is the delay/lag between two inventory synchronization processes?

Ginkgo provides a minimum of 10-15 minutes of delay between 2 syncs. Merchants can increase or activate daily schedules according to their needs.

Is the order posting process on a scheduler basis or real-time?

Order posting is based on real-time.

What type of integrations is available with the ERPs?

ERPs are usually integrated (not limited to) for following services: 1- Order Posting 2- Inventory/Stock Sync 3- Price/Discount Sync. 4- Product Population. 5- Orders status updation

How will I be notified in case a courier reimburse successfully delivered orders amount into my account?

Courier payment details services are being used for this purpose. This means, when a courier company reimburses the merchant against the orders they have delivered, orders get automatically marked as paid in Ginkgo.