One solution for all your commerce needs

Ginkgo is a complete solution for eCommerce businesses that want to ensure control and efficiency throughout their business processes. It is a platform that connects, manages, and automates eCommerce operation cycles. Empowering businesses to bring about a new era of efficient commerce. Time to digitize your retail and get one step ahead of your Omnichannel solution.

Grow your business

Establish control throughout your business so that you can sell better by sitting almost anywhere.

Ginkgo is the master key to all your doors! You can manage order cycles and inventory across all sale channels without breaking a sweat. Don’t miss out on any selling opportunity due to lack of efficiency or control.

Automations for your operations

Providing you with rule based process automation

Rule based process automation makes your business more scalable and efficient. The system implements the rules you set up, through automation thus being more accurate.

Maintain control

Analyze your business performance and plan ahead

Getting insights allows you to assess your business and maintain control. It gives you a data-driven approach to plan your business and take advantage of every revenue opportunity.

Connecting sale channels

The fall of complex commerce

Connect multiple channels in a seamless way, enabling businesses to enjoy a single interface to manage all their channels through automations.

Adding value to your business

Ginkgo is a solution that helps your internal business processes to increase sales and guarantee customer satisfaction. It is a product that is changing the face of commerce.

Up to25%

Increase in customer

Up to25%

Reduction in Returns

Up to40%

Revenue Uplift

Up to10%

Increase in inventory turns

Up to15%

Savings in logistics cost

Up to10%

Cutback in inventory holding


increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction in Returns


Revenue Uplift


Increase in inventory turns


Savings in logistics cost


Cutback in inventory holding

Platform Features

Providing aid to retailers so they can increase productivity and revenue

Ginkgo is a one stop eCommerce solution to manage all your needs, from listing products on multiple sale channels to catering high volume of orders and monitoring business performance.

Order Management

End to end seamless order journey, covering all the aspects of eCommerce operations.

Inventory Management

Centralize all inventory channels by syncing your inventories with your online system.

Multi Channel Management

Expand your online business by listing your product on every platform that where your customer spends time.

Logistics Management

Unified experience for the businesses so they can control all couriers in a dynamic way from a single panel.

Product Management

Manage all your products on multiple sales channels from a single panel.

Retail CRM

We are addressing the non catered problem by centralizing the customer interaction regardless of the channel.

Multi Vendor Management

The only solution for marketplaces, providing connectivity with multiple vendors through automation.

BI Reporting

One stop visibility of all your business operations.

Connecting businesses

Ginkgo has a set of the ultimate partners and integrations with different 3PL’s, ERPs, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms

Our integrations with logistic services, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, and marketplaces enable you to advance your business in a technological and efficient manner.

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