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Adding value to your business

Ginkgo Retail is award-winning “Best made in Pakistan SaaS-based Product in E-commerce” and is a complete eCommerce operating system for brands that want to ensure control and efficiency throughout their business processes. It is a platform that connects, manages, and automates ecommerce operations cycles. Time to digitize your retail and get one step ahead of your Omnichannel solution.

Grow your business

Establish control throughout your business so that you can sell better by sitting almost anywhere.

Ginkgo Retail is the master key to all your doors! You can manage order cycles and inventory across all sale channels without breaking a sweat. Don’t miss out on any selling opportunity due to the lack of efficiency or control.

Automations for your operations

Providing you with rule based process automation

Rule based process automation makes your business more scalable and efficient. The system implements the rules you set up, through automation thus being more accurate.

Maintain control

Analyze your business performance and plan ahead

Getting insights allows you to assess your business and maintain control. It gives you a data-driven approach to plan your business and take advantage of every revenue opportunity.

Connecting sale channels

The fall of complex commerce

Connect multiple channels in a seamless way, enabling businesses to enjoy a single interface to manage all their channels through automations.

Adding value to your business

Ginkgo Retail is a solution that helps your internal business processes to increase sales and guarantee customer satisfaction. It is a product that is changing the face of commerce.

Up to25%

Increase in customer

Up to25%

Reduction in Returns

Up to40%

Revenue Uplift

Up to10%

Increase in inventory turns

Up to15%

Savings in logistics cost

Up to10%

Cutback in inventory holding


increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction in Returns


Revenue Uplift


Increase in inventory turns


Savings in logistics cost


Cutback in inventory holding

Platform Features

Providing aid to retailers so they can increase productivity and revenue

Ginkgo Retail is a one stop ecommerce solution to manage all your needs, from listing products on multiple sales channels to catering high volume of orders and monitoring business performance.

Order Management

End to end seamless order journey, covering all the aspects of eCommerce operations.

Inventory Management

Centralize all inventory channels by syncing your inventory with our inventory management solution.

Multi Channel Management

Manage your sales channels to increase your sales, and create brand awareness across all selling channels

Product Management

Manage all your products on multiple sales channels from a single panel.

Logistics Management

Unified experience for the businesses so they can control all couriers in a dynamic way from a single panel.

Retail CRM

We are addressing the non catered problem by centralizing customer interaction regardless of the channel.

Multi Vendor Management

The only solution for marketplaces, providing connectivity with multiple vendors through automation.

BI Reporting

One stop visibility of all your business operations.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse operations with an accurate pick, faster fulfilment, error-free shipping and timely delivery.

Track It

Enhance customer experience by offering universal order-tracking on your website, Also acquire product reviews.

Ecommerce Platform

Experience the next dimension of Commerce

Connecting businesses

Ginkgo has a set of the ultimate partners and integrations with different 3PL’s, ERPs, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms

Our integrations with logistic services, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, and marketplaces enable you to advance your business in a technological and efficient manner.


Yes! Ginkgo allows merchants to assign orders to specific couriers based on their shipment type. Whether the order is to be delivered overnight or overseas, Ginkgo provides the feature of assigning these types of orders to specific couriers as well against the specific data set.

Yes! Orders can be assigned to couriers based on shipper and receiver location. Ginkgo provides a proper template via which location can be assigned based on geolocation.

Yes! Ginkgo allows you to assign orders to specific couriers based on their weight.

Yes! Orders can be bifurcated based on paid or Cash On Delivery as well.

Yes! Ginkgo provides the facility for tracking orders statuses. More than 30 couriers tracking services are integrated for fetching the exact status of any order which is in-transit status. This way, the Merchant does not have to open up different portals to track orders. All can be done through a single interface of Ginkgo.

Currently, 14+ logistic partners are integrated with Ginkgo including Aasaan Delivery, Loginext, Express, AHL, Daewoo Fastex, Instalogitics, Kazzola, PostEx, TCS, M&P, WCC, DHL, Leopards, Call Courier, and many more.

Ginkgo’s notification feature will inform the customers via SMS and email notification which triggers timely based on the order fulfillment stage. Customers will get notified that an order has been placed, processed, dispatched, or is delivered, etc.

Courier payment details services are being used for this purpose. This means, when a courier company reimburses the merchant against the orders they have delivered, orders get automatically marked as paid in Ginkgo.

Courier working can be checked via order logs. If the courier is not working due to any reason, an error will prompt enforces the order to land in the dispatch issue log.

Yes! Ginkgo allows merchants to integrate tracking features to their website for customer ease and satisfaction. Through which customers can track their orders anytime they want regardless of the logistics partner through which their order is fulfilled.

Ginkgo provides a handy way to onboard an external vendor on Ginkgo. The multi-vendor module allows merchants to create vendor details, its inventory, and order posting standards which welcome multiple vendors to get connected to Gingko.

Yes! A vendor with no ERP can be created as well. Their inventory source can be set to manual or can be directly fetched through an e-commerce store as well.

Ginkgo provides a handy way to onboard an external vendor on Ginkgo. The multi-vendor module allows merchants to create vendor details, its inventory, and order posting standards which welcome multiple vendors to get connected to Gingko.

Yes! A vendor with no ERP can be created as well. Their inventory source can be set to manual or can be directly fetched through an e-commerce store as well.

Yes! Depending upon the activated notification triggers customers are being notified of the order statuses. These notifications can be generated via SMS, IVR Calls, custom messages or generic system notifications. Customers can be notified throughout the order journey including placement, fulfillment, and dispatch.

Yes! Custom views can be created for quick filtration. Ginkgo provides this facility to merchants to set views according to the desired orders.

Yes, Ginkgo allows you to manage permissions for an individual user as well. These permissions can be customized as well according to the job and role description of the user.

Yes! Ginkgo supports the autonomous order verification process as well. Auto-verification of orders can be done via SMS or IVR calling features

It depends upon the setting availed by the merchant on how they want the orders to be identified. They can identify based on the order name, through line item, customer name etc.

To make sure the delivery of the right product to the customer Ginkgo provides a scan & Ship feature. On a dispatch step, this feature scans the barcode of the product. Barcodes are the unique identifiers for each product that differs in product size, color, shape, etc. If the barcode of the order does not match the dispatchable product it gives an error. This helps in minimizing the delivery of wrong products to end customers thus avoiding product returns.

Ginkgo provides additional features that can be integrated into a traditional ERP. Order Management System features provided by Ginkgo are unmatchable because this is the only ERP that is providing local and international orders on the same screen. It holds the ability of order splitting through which orders can be catered through multiple areas based on stock availability and courier performance of that area. Further, it provides end-to-end order tracking which makes it easier for the merchant to overview progress more smartly.

International orders are catered uniquely. Merchants can auto-fulfill international orders through International Logistics partners like DHL and get the printout of the airway bill documentation necessary for the air and road freights.

Yes! Ginkgo is integrated with FBR POS. Merchant can set multiple sets of rules and triggers through which orders sale will be posted in FBR.

Ginkgo provides a different view for the shop and admin users to keep watchable according to the user’s need. Moreover, it provides an additional feature to create a custom view as well through which shop and admin view can be altered for user ease.

Yes, It can be integrated with Ginkgo. In case you are using third-party call center services, Ginkgo can be integrated with them through APIs for different purposes like order verifications and customer details fetching.

Inventory overbooking for the retail store and online customers can be balanced by:
1.Implementing inventory buffer – In this way, inventory can be reserved for physical customers and avoid overbooking.
2.Automated Inventory synchronization

Order posting is based on real-time.

If the external integration fails, the merchant will be notified timely mentioning the reason for the crash. This integration can be done later on as and when needed.

Ginkgo provides a minimum of 10-15 minutes of delay between 2 syncs. Merchants can increase or activate daily schedules according to their needs.

ERPs are usually integrated (not limited to) for following services:
1- Order Posting
2- Inventory/Stock Sync
3- Price/Discount Sync.
4- Product Population.
5- Orders status updation


Empowering brands to impact the market with efficiency and automation

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