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Building Trust with Your Customers is Key to Long-Term Loyalty | SSC

Customer trust is the key to a successful business which is earned when companies fulfill their commitments and deliver what is promised, proficiently. Providing an enhanced customer experience gains their confidence and long-term loyalty. Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (SSC) is a reputable shoe-manufacturing company serving its customers at their best in the retail industry since 1954. It is working via multiple sales channels such as NDURE, Shoe Planet, and Soloto. These brands are the favorite of many and to live up to customer expectations, high quality must be assured along with effectual customer service whether it is a physical or an online store.

Major Concerns

SSC pays major focus to its organizational values so that every aspect of business can be handled effectively. Whether it is product design or entertaining customers through high-end services, it struggles to maintain its reputation as a market leader. However, the company soon felt a need to automate the complex business management system so reliable and accurate data reporting is obtained to streamline workflow.

Problems they Narrate:

“Our multiple brands dealing and inventory sharing compel us to search for a system that automates our business management procedures. We are entertaining our customers through nearly 400 retail stores and 1000 retailers working independently all across Pakistan. Tackling such huge data needs efficient monitoring. A delayed reporting system has slowed down order fulfillment tasks and affected customer satisfaction rates. To pull ourselves out of these issues we direly need an omnichannel platform that could give us deep insight into our inventory and sales channels operations at a single glance. A system that saves us time by optimizing business operations and streamlining workflow through automation”

Ginkgo Retail Resolved the Matter

Ginkgo Retail helps SSC build trust with customers by accelerating order fulfillment processes. It aptly controls inventory management operations and provides multiple sales channel management. It drives data from various sales platforms and presents it in a single report for easy and quick analysis by the company. Ginkgo resolved issues by providing the following services to SSC:

real time data reports
inventory management system
BI reporting
logistics management
automated order fulfillment journey
multi sales channel management system

Satisfied Client

“Our manual hassle is reduced and the order fulfillment rate increased by 70% with the implementation of Ginkgo in our business system. In the past month, we achieved the highest number of sales specifically during blessed Friday. Our much-pondered queries about order management and inventory management have been resolved by Ginkgo. Customers can have a look at real-time inventory status. Now we can deliver orders efficiently and on time which gains customer loyalty and builds their trust in our brand. We gained what we needed most, i.e. a higher number of sales and a reduction in order return ratio by 85%. We highly recommend Ginkgo as it optimized our overall e-commerce journey.”