Minnie Minors – Fluent Operations for Increased Customer Satisfaction

History of Minnie Minors

Fashion is as old as human history itself. People can be amazing at times especially those who are trendsetters when it comes to apparel. Even more awesome are those who develop trendy apparel for the little ones. The sub-sector remained pretty much ignored in Pakistan till a clothing brand with a history in innovation introduced apparel for minnies and minors. Yes! We are talking about Pakistan’s most loved apparel brand for children …Minnie Minors.

It is a retail brand of Sefam (Pvt) Ltd which operates nine other retail brands including Bareeze, Kayseria, Leisure Club, Working Woman, Shahnameh, Chinyere, Rang Ja, and others. Sefam was incorporated in 1985, while Minnie Minors was incorporated in 1998. The Sefam group has prestigious partners such as Emporio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Entertainer.

The Primary Choice of Kids and Parents

Over the last two decades, Minnie Minors has become the primary choice of not just parents, but children as well. The brand has also diversified its product portfolio by offering toys & accessories to children. When it comes to the overall market, Minnie minors enjoys a major share owing to its product placement. It became an answer to the absence of high-quality local brands and a challenge for high-priced foreign brands. The brand’s success is evident from its widespread branch network of 111 stores and an active presence in 38 cities of Pakistan. With the advent of e-commerce, Minnie Minors is now available around the world through online shopping.

The Bigger the Brand, the Bigger the Challenge!

Minnie Minors’ evolution into a household name did not come about with just a stroke of luck. Its success is a result of high-quality products, effective marketing, ever-improving interaction, and excellent after-sales service.
The evolution of any product is never without challenges and though every aspect of a business must be seen as a challenge, for merchants, inventory management will always hold the highest significance. When your products have high demand, abrupt inventory changes can be quite hard to manage. For Minnie Minors, it is no different and it is a colossal task to manage over 111 branches spread throughout the country. To add to that, e-commerce has now made it possible for consumers to place their orders at any given time and from anywhere in the world, so the whole world is your playground. This remains highly unpredictable for most e-commerce businesses and as they say “a good business never says no to its customers”, this creates considerable pressure on supply chain managers and the pressure goes all the way.
Such fast growth requires considerable manpower which can become overburdening and overwhelming for businesses. From order placement to product delivery, a smooth journey ensures growth for businesses. With so much happening what Minnie Minors needed was a one-click solution for all business aspects and operations. POS/ERP, efficient logistic management, and effective inventory management were all required without compromising either their outlets or e-commerce business. All of this was only possible if these business operations & processes could be managed effectively, tracked, and monitored with the help of a single hub without too many interfaces. Briefly put, a multi-channel solution was required for smooth operations.

As Manobia (Head of E-commerce Department) said:

“With a dynamic and ever-growing business, greater challenges had to be faced such as effective inventory management not just for our outlets, but also for our e-commerce business. We required an effective solution for timely tracking of inventory for both offline and online sale points through a single interface that could help us save labor, cost, and time. We were finding it tough to meet our orders within time because our stocks varied from place to place. A need was felt to synchronize and link our logistics, and POS/ERP for smoother & effective operations. Monitoring inventory seemed like a major challenge. What was needed was either a change in our strategy regarding e-commerce or a talisman which could solve all our problems.”

Ginkgo Retail – A Talisman for E-commerce Businesses

The e-commerce market is one of the fastest-growing around the globe. The ease that it offers to both buyers and sellers is transforming it into a primary choice for businesses that may or may not have a physical presence. However, E-commerce came with challenges for traditional businesses that operated through brick and mortar outlets. The market desperately needed partners which can synchronize several business functions and create harmony among them. The talisman to turn things around was finally found in the form of Ginkgo Retail which provided Minnie Minors with a single hub for monitoring, controlling, and adapting all of its business operations. It created harmony between Minnie Minors’ store outlets and online business. Ginkgo Retail provided them with one dashboard solution for all their business issues.

Multiple Problems, One Solution

““We required an effective solution for inventory management without compromising our online and offline orders. We express our gratitude for Ginkgo that came up with the best solution perfectly tailored to our e-commerce needs & requirements.”

Ginkgo is a software solution that not only links business processes such as online stores to offline stores but also streamlines functions such as ERP, logistics, automation, etc. As Minnie Minors do not have their own dedicated warehouse to keep inventory, Ginkgo helped them by converting their physical and online store into fulfillment centers.

The Perfect Solution for Different Challenges

For the multiple issues faced by Minnie Minors, just like countless other businesses, Ginkgo Retail provided a single solution that included modules for all the business operations that are imperative for business growth. These modules include Order Management, Inventory Management, Multi-sales/Multi-Vendor Management, and Logistics Management. This resulted in substantial improvement in the sales performance of Minnie Minors and helped them to:

  • Make same-day deliveries to customers because of effective logistics as well as fulfillment services tailored by Ginkgo. Effectively manage inter-store stock transfer due to the enabling of retail inventory online.
  • Ensure efficient automation of processes by integrating multiple functions such as marketplaces, POS/ERP, Notifications, logistic, etc.
  • Ensure optimization of the entire order flow through customization of international and local orders coupled with effective tracking of orders.
Teaming up with Ginkgo, Minnie Minors has been able to organize its retail and e-commerce operations and will now be able to focus more on its future strategies.

Customer satisfaction:

“Ginkgo has made it possible for us to manage our e-commerce and offline businesses effectively with the help of a user-friendly and single dashboard. Now we can track our inventory and orders in real-time and therefore perform our business operations smoothly. We are reaping the benefits of same-day delivery and instant response from Ginkgo which has facilitated us in making our business processes more responsive and effective.”

Ginkgo’s centralized system can be tailored according to your unique business’s requirements and can thus facilitate your business growth. It allows merchants to be more focused on their business operations and therefore they can be in a better position to formulate future strategies. The system addresses the lag or delay in deliveries by filling gaps throughout the supply chain. It offers real-time tracking of your orders so that they not only reach their destination but also in the specified time. This control on multiple business functions allows you to manage inter-store transfers, centralize inventory, and track orders with the help of a single interface. With the help of automation precious time can be saved and allocated to more productive tasks, so you save time, manpower, and cost as well.

Ginkgo’s Integrants

Inventory, Orders, Logistic, and Product Management modules are some of the major e-commerce business-oriented modules of Ginkgo. Other modules which are also essential for business success include, Retail CRM, Multi-Vendor Management, and BI reporting. All these modules combined with under-development modules like Warehouse Management system, AI/BI Predictive reporting helps merchants to get more growth-focused rather than being busy in managing process flows.

Grow with Ginkgo

If you are an e-commerce business and cannot identify the reasons for inadequate business growth or you are beginning your business journey, or simply want to expand sales, team up with Gingko to benefit from its expertise. You can opt for any of the available modules, one or more, according to your need & requirements. The independent modules will be synchronized with each other to ensure that your entire business control is in your hands only. No more delay in orders, no more shortage of stocks, and no more unpleasant surprises. With Gingko you will reap the real benefits of e-commerce. It is revolutionizing how companies do business by improving operational efficiencies and thus increasing revenue.