Nishat linen uae success story

NISHAT LINEN UAE– Automating E-commerce & Retail Processes to Build Stronger Customer Base

Established in 1951, Nishat Group is famous as a chief textile industry in Pakistan. It also made its mark in the cement, insurance, banking, hotel business, paper products, power generation, dairy, and agriculture sectors. With offices in many cities and units at various locations in Pakistan and Dubai UAE, it is working vigorously to serve national and international customers. Its widespread appendages for trading make data management a big challenge. Many matters need smart control from raw material supplies to the manufacturing process till successful delivery to the customer. All the matters require wise management for smooth running.

Disputes confronted

With the deprivation of automation, supervising customers’ showers is a hard-hitting task where merchants have to make sure of on-time delivery to enhance the customer experience so customers can rely on the brand. Nishat UAE was fronting similar concerns as they were not familiarized with an Omni channel that could converge data across various platforms to a single dashboard. The order fulfillment procedure was not seamless which slowed down deliveries resulting in decreased customer satisfaction. Data accuracy and reliability across all sales channels were questionable, affecting major company decisions.

According to them

“Much time was invested to forge the company’s data which decelerated delivery procedures. We required a system that could put together entire data for assessment in a single report. Also, it should provide reliable and accurate data reports to make wise and instant decisions.”

Every problem has a solution

Ginkgo centralized the order management system by which Nishat’s UAE Team can have a detailed look at data reports across all the channels over a single panel. They can now effortlessly manage logistics processes and inventory procedures. Data from the international logistics companies ( such as Armex, Skynet, and DHL) with whom Nishat UAE is working, are integrated into one podium. Ginkgo Omni channel solution provided real-time data synchronization by integrating multiple sales channels into a single station. Ginkgo’s Omni channel solution also let Nishat Group manage 10-15 stores in Dubai, UAE through a single place. Moreover, Nishat UAE’s marketing operations stats from SMS companies like the SMS country in UAE and Dubai are gathered by Ginkgo software to view over a single dashboard. International orders such as from Saudia and Qatar are fulfilled through the Dubai branch.

As they said:

“We direly need an automated system for instant data generation to manage orders and ensure the smooth running of merchandising processes across all stores and all channels”

Nothing goes unresolved with Ginkgo

Ginkgo retail served Nishat UAE with required modules including order management, inventory management, and logistics management system providing automated real-time data synchronization across multiple sales channels. Ginkgo helped the Nishat group to:

Ginkgo one stop solution
  • Accelerate deliveries ensuring safe and successful order delivery in a single day through a logistics management system. Integrates data from logistic companies like Armex, Skynet, and DHL.
  • Integrate various sales locations in a single system.
  • Ensure a smooth order journey through highly customizable features for tracking national and international orders.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing an order tracking system so the merchant and customer can track their order journey.
  • Increase order volume daily.

Ginkgo helped Nishat in sorting many e-commerce business issues with its cost-effective solution with reduced manpower and thus reducing human error as well.

Satisfied client

“Ginkgo simplified the data analysis by unifying data from several channels into a single podium. It’s the best solution to assemble and manage real-time data reports and make apt decisions in the interest of our brand. “

Nishat Linen result