Automate your whole order journey from placement to fulfilment and streamline your business

As your order volume increases it gets harder to manage and track them all, so you need software like Ginkgo that can automate and manage your order journey, giving you the time to focus on the higher value aspects of your business.

Platform Features

Stay in control by tracking and managing your orders from a single portal

Ginkgo is giving you a chance to streamline your order journey! It allows you to allocate orders based on the proximity of the delivery area and allocates them to the nearest brick and mortar. All this can be done from a single user-friendly portal.

Orders bifurcation

Bifurcate orders based on the current order status.

Automated order allocation

Allocate orders based on the proximity area of delivery and shipper’s address.

Managing multi sale channel orders

Allowing you to manage orders from multiple sale channels on a single dashboard.

partial Return order

Partial Returned Order

Efficiently manage, restock, and refund partially returned orders via vouchers.

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