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Best e-commerce CRM available in the Pakistan market

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Hello Merchants! If you’re serving people with your exceptionally best quality products then you are surely dealing with multiple-natured people with different mindsets and budgets of course.

Have you tracked them well? Do you know where you are getting more leads? Are you able to produce better strategies for sales boost in future?

Questions, questions!

First of all, do not panic.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management software is the answer to all these questions.

Customer analysis is a great factor that merchants must keep in mind to keep the wheels moving on in the e-commerce and retail market of Pakistan.

The instant evolution of the e-commerce market within Pakistan has upraised competition levels to much extent. Making use of the right technology to automate daily business operations is the only solution left nowadays.

Different tech-savvy companies have developed CRM solutions that help merchants to manage customers’ data throughout their journey with the brand.

In this article, we will mention the top 10 best e-commerce CRM available in Pakistan Market.

But before diving deep, let us discuss what CRM is and what features make it the best.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM is the most efficient tech invention that helps in recording and segmenting customers based on their buying behavior. CRM also indicates customers’ need for a specific product based on their region and demographics.

Not only the e-commerce industry, but industries of other kinds like SMEs, educational institutes and many more are making use of CRM to maintain good customer relationships.

A good CRM must be able to:

  • Help identify and understand customers’ needs.
  • Track, validate and store customer data.
  • Automate sales and communication processes to maintain workflow.
  • Provide a single dashboard view for a better grip on process flows and analytics.
  • Allow integrations with miscellaneous software as per merchant’s need. For example sales and marketing software. 

Multiple companies are making use of CRM nowadays to improve their sales pipeline.

Below we have mentioned some of the best e-commerce CRM which are available in the Pakistan market.

List of best CRM available for the Pakistan e-commerce Market

Ginkgo Retail CRM

Ginkgo CRM is a stand-alone customizable solution that is specifically designed for the Pakistan e-commerce market. It centralizes all sales channels providing an Omni channel experience to merchants. It can be customized according to specific business needs as well. The major part which makes Ginkgo stand out is its automation level and a fully customized view of customers’ data. It is highly cost-effective as per the interests of e-commerce and retail businesses in Pakistan. It gets easily integrated into the system providing the best user experience through a user-friendly dashboard.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot presents one of the best CRM aimed to empower sales. It possesses all the essential set of tools users are interested in for marketing, organizing data, promoting efficient customer service, and handling other operations. Easy to access and can be tailored according to the need as the business grows. Well-known companies getting prodigious benefits out of this incredible CRM software.

Sage CRM

For the apt management of customer information, Sage is another good option as it provides history, contact information, notes, contacts, and file storage. It also gives integration with a profile on a social network and Microsoft Outlook. The availability of huge storage space for infinite contacts and synchronization with Google calendar and Google contacts makes it the most convenient software to use which grasps the interest of users. Although this CRM software is very advantageous, on the other hand, it shows various options to organize different contacts which is a little bit confusing.

Insightly CRM

Insightly is somehow a different software as it navigates information within no time. Very easy to set up and can be an option to market small-scale businesses online. Its quick integration with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Apps makes it the most demanded CRM software in the market. People from miscellaneous fields trust Insightly and its popularity boosted over the years. Insightly is also compatible with Office 365, Outlook, Evernote, and MailChimp. You can run its mobile application over iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The thorough integration of this software with the Microsoft 365 suite makes it the pragmatic marketing gismo. The attention-grabbing thing for users is that it performs well over iOS, old window mobiles, and android thus you have access to this marketing software anywhere. Those who use outlook can consider Dynamics CRM because it makes email account and contact tracking an easy task thus you can approach more people to increase sales effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s user interface is a little tough to work on especially its browser version but that couldn’t nullify its advantageous aspects.


Marketo belongs to a clan of Adobe software and gives complete solutions for the management of data regarding marketing. It has tools for email marketing and provides account-based marketing as well. Above all, it helps keep data on revenue generated from a certain marketing campaign. In collaboration with Marketo University, this software offers a firm training program and solution to issues encountered while using Marketo CRM which grabs the attention of users. Its rich features and ability of powerful automation make it one of the best CRM software to choose from. As it is from the Adobe family, its cost is not a surprise for users. It holds the second slot among the most expensive CRM software tools available in the industry and they don’t offer a free trial.

Salesforce CRM

Merchants are interested in gathering inclusive information about their customers like title, phone number, name, and e-mail address which is important to stay connected and market the work on a wide scale. Salesforce CRM facilitates its users with this feature. Also, it provides information on how much business and finance are generated from a certain contact.

The aforementioned is the list of some best CRM that can be used by multiple companies around the globe. However, considering major facts and figures of the Pakistani e-commerce market Ginkgo CRM is the best option to choose.

What makes Ginkgo CRM stand out?

what makes Ginkgo CRM stand out?

Major benefits that we can enlist under Ginkgo’s CRM umbrella are mentioned below:

Single Dashboard view

It provides a single view of a user-friendly dashboard. Merchants can have a single window view of their customers’ details. This may include their demographics, location, journey, etc

Easy to Use

The user interface is easy to grasp and operate, and data displayed in the form of charts, bars, tables, and other visuals are easily understandable. No specific skills are required to use this software even the employee with less practice can explore and get to know Ginkgo CRM easily.

Allow integrations

Ginkgo CRM can easily be integrated into your system and allows integrations of multiple other apps as well. These may include content marketing or any other software that may be helpful.

Cost-effective Solution

Ginkgo Retail CRM is specifically designed to cater to Pakistan’s e-commerce market. Thus, it is an extremely cost-effective solution for e-commerce brands serving within or outside Pakistan. You can request a quote anytime you like.

Decrease order return rate

As it provides an in-depth review of the company’s data statistics, merchants can overcome their business drawbacks. Product response can be easily evaluated, how many are delivered successfully and which one is returned or replaced to compensate thus such products can be improved to lessen the return rate.

Unmatched Features and Functionality

Centralized retail and storefront

No matter from which end your customer is arriving. Ginkgo CRM keeps an eye on all and provides a centralized view of all customers to merchants whether it is a retail store, e-commerce store, marketplace, or any social media.

Customer segmentation

Ginkgo segments the customers based on demographic and geographic data. Users can even customize the views to see specific data of their choice. For example, to see the customers coming from Lahore using a mobile phone, the user can set up a view accordingly.

Automated flows and Triggers

Automated triggers and flows can be created which will generate notifications instantly. For example, if the user wants to send a discount coupon to any gold customer then a specific flow can be created which will trigger email or SMS as per preset. Getting sales information from every source is essential to manage businesses actively. Here users can also get an advantage from predefined flows which can be set as per requirements. It then sends notifications through SMS or email to update regarding sales activities.

Analytics and Reporting

Through a reporting dashboard, merchants can have a single view to get a quick look at the current situation. Data gathered via the analytics and reporting part is highly beneficial in generating future strategy and judging the next demand of customers well.

Fraud Analysis

This CRM software by Ginkgo can analyze fraud risk as well revealing customer details and present analysis based on data gathered. That data can be used further to reduce fraud risk.

Campaign management and customized emails

It is proficient in tracking and managing marketing campaigns that are healthy for the growth of the company as users can promote their firm by sending details about their services or products to old customers and could reach out to new ones. Detailed customized notifications can also be sent through emails or SMS to customers and provide huge storage to accommodate emails and messages from customers. The automated reply feature saves time by immediately replying to customers as they contact.

Concluding Note

Lots of CRM are out there with random best features. However, you can decide better which CRM can be more meaningful for your business model. Just keep in mind that customer retention and satisfaction should be the priority.

Written by

Obaid Arshad

Obaid Arshad

Obaid Arshad is CEO/Co-founder of Ginkgo Business Solution. He has diverse experience of 10+ years in versatile domains of e-commerce, logistics and tech-oriented business. His eminent role in ecommerce management empowered him to benefit the industry with his knowledge, vision and experience.