Best integration software

Best integration software for ecommerce businesses

What is integration software and why it is needed?

Evolving technology compels retailers of all sorts to comprehend and incorporate automated data-analyzing systems in their businesses. Everyone is turning to e-commerce businesses to market and sell digitally. It lures an extended population of customers to your online store. There are multiple platforms and opportunities for merchants to sell online. Handling loads of data from these channels is the major challenge as giving individual attention to each source requires time and delays business operations.

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To optimize business operations you need the best e-commerce Omni channel integration software. Such software connects various software and subsystems, providing you with a unified source to manage data output from multiple podiums. Integration software is required for multiple reasons such as:

  • Minimize Operational costs of multiple platforms.
  • Reduce dependency on traditional decentralized systems.
  • Establishing a single data storeroom that gathers data through the ETL procedure.
  • Connecting individual systems, extracting data from them, and displaying them over a single dashboard for easy analysis and process replication.
  • Drifting data from the legacy system to the new system having cloud-based storage.

Beneficial aspects of integration software

Integration software brings about multiple benefits few of them are:

Simplifies critical decision-making process

As the integration software converges important data from multiple sources to a single platform. Merchants can access useful data with ease to conceive vital business decisions.

Speeds up operations increasing productivity

Entering the same data multiple times in all the software systems associated with your business operations is a time taking process that may affect productivity. So with a single entry point, the struggle to switch between multiple software is stamped out. Procedures become simple and fast increasing business productivity.

Begets reliable and error-free data

Best ecommerce integration software lessens the menace of data inaccuracy. There will be no more data conflict when information is viewed from a single source.

It enhances the data analysis process

As integration software drives data from multiple sources and makes it viewable to merchants over a single dashboard, data assessment becomes stress-free. Merchants can get deep insight into useful data and reach conclusions in no time making confident business decisions. 

Data is secured

Having the best e-commerce integration software is a real fortune because it not only gathers data for you from various platforms but also makes it secure. Moreover, complex procedures are simplified with the integration of business management systems, backup, and administration.

Improve customer service

Better customer service develops good customer relationships that are indispensable to generating good revenue. The automated integration system gives quick access to customers’ information such as email addresses, contact numbers, etc. which could be supportive in future marketing campaigns. It integrates with the customer relationship management system (CRM) to serve customers effectively and efficiently. Customers can get the same standard of experience on all platforms while placing an order, even at retail stores. All backend operations are monitored through automation giving a unified experience

This means customers get the same standard of experience on all platforms. Whether at the time of order placement, backend operations, or even at retail stores.

Experience remains unified resulting in an all-in-one omni-channel solution for e-commerce businesses.

Improves sales

With data integration, business procedures are streamlined and orders can be fulfilled more efficiently which positively impacts your sales. 

Integration software holds a significant position in the progress of e-commerce businesses. Proof can be taken from the data report extracted from Statista that shows a steady growth of the e-commerce integration software market from 2014-2019.

Market growth of integration and integrity software worldwide

Graph 1.1: Market growth of integration and integrity software worldwide

Integrations required for e-commerce businesses

Many surveys were conducted to see what sort of integrations are mandatory to optimize e-commerce business operations. As per Statista, a 2014 survey report reveals that 68% of merchants found their integration software working well with the warehouse fulfillment system. Other integrations are also important to maintain equilibrium. 

best e-commerce integration software link with your other business management systems

Graph 1.2: See how efficiently your best e-commerce integration software link with your other business management systems

Here we listed essential integrations that every e-commerce business must plan to take in.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

This sort of integration lets you understand customer behavior and details in a better way which leads to good customer relationships. Merchants can track contact information, address, email address, customer’s order history, and other needed information. The collected data can be used to market products in the future and offer customers according to their interests.

Customer support

Satisfied customer revisits your store for further purchases. Therefore it is imperious to provide a good customer support service by answering customer queries through an automated system and also providing live chat, chatbot, and help desk integrations. Automate responses to frequently asked questions to fasten up the process. The best ecommerce integration software gathers all the interaction data with your customer so you can review it to serve them better.

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment procedure includes the supply of raw materials, product manufacturing, warehouse management, order picking, and packing till it is successfully shipped and delivered. All the data along the process is carefully recorded, analyzed, and converted into a statistical report to be viewed by merchants at a single glance. Thus hitches can be tackled timely to avoid order delays.

Marketing Channels integration and management

Marketing is the soul of any business, unless you market your product it won’t be familiar to the audience. Effective marketing from multiple channels is a good sales requirement. Merchants market their products through digital advertisement, social media posts, emails, and SMS. Data analysis is therefore an indispensable factor to figure out from which point you are getting the most sales. Best integration software in e-commerce connect data from multiple marketing channels producing a report for easy evaluation and comparison by merchants.

Product management

Whether it’s vendor data, product details, or inventory management every piece of information can be proficiently gathered with the assistance of the best e-commerce Omni channel integration system. Integrating a product management system help to organize and categorize products within no time. The task is simplified and spare time to focus on other important plans.

Finance and accounts management

Integrating finance and accounts data is substantial to get an error-free reliable evaluation. It is the major area where a little sloppiness brings a loss to your business. Data related to sales, purchases, Business expenses, employees’ payrolls, budgeting, etc. carefully recorded and integrated by the software and made viewable in a unified report. Merchants can have an eye on the entire account details on a single screen.

Few examples of integration software

analytic data integration and integrity software vendors in the market worldwide

Graph 1.4: Profits made by various analytic data integration and integrity software vendors in the market worldwide (2014 to 2019)

According to Statista report, the integration software market sees a major boom from 2014 to 2019, generating good revenue by selling their services to businesses.

 Let’s discuss a few names:


It’s a cloud-based integration software powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and augmented for business intelligence reporting. Informatica ensures high-level data security for businesses of all sizes. Its, easy-to-comprehend low-coding interface, allows potently customizable actions. Merchants have an option between ELT or ETL approaches. You can get a full hold of business data.


SAS provides a wide range of e-commerce business management solutions. It is one of the best integration software in e-commerce that manages your customer, order, and marketing data giving real-time statistical reports. Merchants can build strong business strategies, take apt decisions, and maintain good customer relationships with SAS. The software integrates seamlessly with various systems gathering major data for analysis. Its retail solution is divided into four main categories i.e. customer intelligence, performance management, operating intelligence, and merchandise intelligence.


Oracle is a scalable and vigorous solution for your e-commerce data integration. It makes your business operations seamless by generating reliable data reports. Enjoy high customization through an easy-to-handle drag-and-drop system. Oracle lowers your business cost by optimizing operations. Detect the right channel to market your products and connect with an extended audience specifically serious buyers. Moreover, it unifies data from multiple channels to present a single detailed report for easy evaluation by merchants. The cloud-based e-commerce tools, multisite, and multi-business structure let you connect worldwide with various channels allowing you to expand your business.


Microsoft 365 dynamics commerce provides frictionless and steady data integration from online and offline channels. It helps develops a loyal customer relationship by optimizing business operations and producing real-time reliable data reports. Permeate your sales operations with an AI system that improves customer experience and drives more ROI. Apart from unifying back-office activities it also looks after store operations, increases labor productivity, and helps build strategies to engage customers. The entire extracted data is displayed in a unified report.


If you are looking an integration software for complex tasks related to supply chain management, SAP is the best option to go with. It securely integrates all your business data giving reliable reports to make important business decisions. This modern cloud-based podium enables businesses to enhance performance and progress rapidly. Almost 3500 businesses worldwide are getting benefits from SAP integration services. Whether it is about merchandising, marketing, product management, order management, Omni channel solution, etc. SAP provides efficient data integration to generate highly detailed reports over a single dashboard.

How Ginkgo is the best software for integration in the e-commerce market.

Bearing in mind all the above points let’s see how well Ginkgo retail serves. In the past few years, Ginkgo emerged as the best e-commerce Omni channel integration software, serving merchants with its exceptional features and customer service.

best software for integration

Multi channel Order management system

From the time order is placed till it is fulfilled successfully, Ginkgo tracks details throughout the process. It integrates data from multiple channels, your website, and other marketplaces you are selling on. Coverage information and present it in a unified report.

#1 Ecommerce Logistics Management software

Ginkgo as the best e-commerce Omni channel integration system also handles your business logistics. It automates the shipping process providing customers with the best courier service. Suggest merchants a cost-effective service by comparing the rates of various logistics companies. Trax, DHL, Aramex and TCS are some of the prominent courier service providers with whom Gingko provides integration. You can monitor both local and international shipments with predefined rules via Ginkgo.

Business intelligence reporting software

Ginkgo with its BI tool provides a team-level and management-level dashboard. It automates the process of data collection, analysis, and display in the form of visuals such as graphs, tables, or charts. The report is easy to understand so merchants can have deep insight into it. It advances the reporting system by integrating minute data details of the operations.  Few of the prominent reports are Courier Performance Report, Order Aging Report and Couriers Comparison Report etc.

Notification management system

Email and SMS notifications are necessary to inform customers and market new products which Ginkgo manages proficiently. Moreover, Ginkgo provides integration with the companies providing IVR (interactive voice response) systems to fasten up responses to customer queries. Setting up email integrations lets you save customers’ contact information. On the other hand, SMS marketing is the most effective way to attract customers as people of all ages use cell phones. Customers find it easy to shop via mobile. Jazz, Telenor, and Zong are some of the prominent names with which Ginkgo provides integrations.

Warehouse management system

By integrating a warehouse management system, Ginkgo diminishes order duplication errors. Order processing system becomes efficient. Scanning is made at every stage to ensure the right order delivery to the target. The entire procedure from order placement to pick, pack, and delivery is carefully monitored and data is recorded.

Ecommerce Customer relationship management Software

Understanding your customers’ needs is essential to keep intact their interest in your products. Here Ginkgo assists to centralize customers’ data so you can know their interests, purchasing behavior, and wants. This will optimize sales by building good customer relationships.

Inventory management solution and ERP integrations

Ginkgo, being the best integration software in e-commerce can also integrates with your inventory management system. It automatically updates merchants on when to refill the store, which product is out of stock, and how many are in stock. All the storeroom data is effectively revealed 

Further, Ginkgo generates real-time and reliable reports on accounts and finance simplifying complex calculations and eliminating unnecessary loss. It integrates data from multiple channels, makes analysis, and defines in a unified report.

Extract of discussion

Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that the best e-commerce integration software is vital for companies using multiple systems to monitor business operations. Whether it is order tracking, sales recording, or customer data stowing, it gathers detailed data to analyze and represent in a single view.