Ginkgo Retail partnered with ZeroSlip to RIP paper receipts!

Ginkgo Retail partnered with ZeroSlip to RIP paper receipts!

An MOU was signed between Ginkgo Retail and ZeroSlip to RIP paper receipts.

Considering the recent statistics of Air Quality Index (AQI), Pakistan had the 3rd worst air quality
in 2021. According to the research, one major reason behind this loss is the fact that
approximately 145 million trees, 450 million liters of water, and 20 million liters of oil are
destroyed every year to produce paper receipts.

As we all know, Ginkgo Retail is an ecommerce operating system for both local and
international markets. Ginkgo has 100+ brands onboarded such as Sapphire, NishatLinen,
Outfitters, Bata, Ndure etc and maintained a successful track record of being a cost effective
and true automation solution for the e-commerce industry.

There Ginkgo Retail came across an exceptional concept of saying goodbye to paper
receipts and supporting smarter, greener, and digital receipts – ZeroSlip

The founder & CEO Obaid Arshad (Ginkgo Retail) and founder & CEO Khurram Bashir
(Zeroslip) exchanged the idea, how they can bring and build a centralized experience through

ZeroSlip is an Australia based company, which is now expanding globally. The vision of ZeroSlip is to turn purchase data into meaningful post customer engagement. It doesn’t only promote CGP (Clean Green Pakistan) initiative but they are also making the fast paced lives of our customers much more hassle free and convenient; providing a digital book keeping of your purchase history. Furthermore, it’s not only customer centric, but is definitely adding value to the merchants to bring a seamless customer journey with a higher retention rate

A ZeroSlip smart receipt, is a tax compliant, easily accessible proof of purchase that lives
directly in your Customer App, or via SMS. And for a plus, it’s free! It’s intuitive and interactive
giving you immediate access to multiple features.

Since, Ginkgo Retail enables the centralized experience between your retail and online
channels. Therefore, Ginkgo Retail joined hands with ZeroSlip for an official partnership to
provide a global package of adding value to merchants with escalating digital space to another
tier with eco-friendly mechanisms.