LIMELIGHT – Improving customer experience by smoothing e-commerce and retail options

Fashion trends in the apparel industry of Pakistan are evolving day by day. Fashion brands like Limelight bring forward more innovative styled fashion wear for men and women of Pakistan considering it as of utmost need. Limelight is a brand that holds significant value because of the quality of products it provides including women accessories, men and women fashion clothing. Quality within affordable prices is what a desire of every person. Based on these two factors Limelight achieved 3rd position in sales percentage ranking within the Pakistan e-commerce industry according to Statista report. Challenges arise when it comes to order and inventory management among multiple retail outlets with an e-commerce platform. Launched in 2010, Limelight now has to manage 80+ outlets across Pakistan without affecting sales.

Big Brands Big Challenges

Challenges mature with the progression of any brand. For merchants, the biggest challenge is inventory and order management. The continuous move-in and move-out of stock may bring huge differences in numbers. For Limelight this challenge wasn’t small when it came to managing 80+ brick and mortar and an e-commerce store. They had to manage their brick and mortar stores with e-commerce stores through manual working which was impossible with less manpower. Using multiple interfaces was a great drawback for smoother retail operations. A smooth order journey is what brings in customers satisfaction making brands more reliable. Limelight needed a solution for that as well. In addition to it, a proper multiple logistics management system was needed which could operate automatically. Integration of Marketplaces, POS/ERP was also needed to keep on syncing inventory timely across all channels.
Processes become easily manageable when merchants can operate all through a single hub and keep track of all that is needed to be tracked. Therefore, in short, an omnichannel solution was required that could connect all stores and provide a solution for enlisted problems as well for slicker operations.

As Sheheryar (Head of E-commerce Department) said:

“With a growing business, we face greater challenges. The major challenge was inventory management within our outlets and e-commerce store. We need a proper solution that can update inventory timely in all online and offline stores and, we can see updates from a single panel to save time and manpower. Our orders are getting delayed because of lack of stock at one place whereas at some places stock is unnecessarily more in number. We need to connect our POS/ERP, logistics and marketplaces to make operations smoother. Timely inventory update has become a major issue nowadays. We either need to change our e-commerce and retail strategy or need a magic wand which can bring the solution to all our problems at the same time.”

Ginkgo Retail – A Seamless Solution Evolving with Transforming E-commerce Archetype

Joining hands with Ginkgo, sales of Limelight from all channels boosted within no time. Ginkgo – A single desk solution acted as a central hub connecting e-commerce and brick & mortar stores in one place. Limelight is now able to manage all their inventory in online and brick & mortar stores through a single user-friendly dashboard.

“We needed a solution to manage all inventory and orders smoothly. Thanks to Ginkgo who proposed the best solution to our problem and smoothed our e-commerce process.”

Multiple Problems, One Solution

Ginkgo provided all necessary modules for smooth e-commerce and retail operations including Inventory Management, Order Management, Logistics Management and Multi-sales/Multi-Vendor Management as well. As complete e-commerce and retail solution provided by Ginkgo helped Limelight to:

  • Deliver orders on the same day to end customers through efficient logistic and fulfilment services which was catered by Ginkgo.
  • Reduce Inter-store stock transfer because enabling/connecting the retail inventory online.
  • Automate processes through multiple integrations together with including POS/ERP, marketplaces, logistic apps etc.(smart logistic
  • Optimize Order Journey through customizing local and international orders and tracking them to avoid order loss.
With Ginkgo, the e-commerce and retail operations of Limelight have been organized to much extent. Now Limelight management will be able to get ample time to make future strategies with a lesser workforce.

As they say:

“We are now able to manage both our online and offline stores through a single and very easy to operate dashboard. Real-time inventory sync and order tracking have become fairly easy for us to manage from a single platform. Same-day order delivery and instant support from the Ginkgo team has helped us smooth out all retail and e-commerce processes a lot. We aim to hit 3x more sales by this year and, Ginkgo has made it easier for us”