Pak Saudi MOU

Pak-Saudi Relation Stepped Ahead for Global Expansion in the Future

This Future Fest 2023 has paved the way for Pak-Saudi relations and the global expansion of the tech industry. A Saudi Delegation with well-reputed names visited Pakistan at this event. Major names including Salla Holding Limited, DCO, Takadao, Hala Payments, Salasa, Unifonic, Diggipacks, Ilsa interactive, and various others supported this event by joining it.

Future predictions indicate an improvement in trade and foreign affairs in technology between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. A prominent company in the Saudi delegation, namely Diggipacks accredited Ginkgo Retail as a most potent SaaS-based software system provider. It is based in Pakistan and according to Diggipacks, is reliable to introduce across the Middle East

Diggipacks cater to all the supply chain needs as it is the most efficient logistics company with advanced technology serving Middle East countries specifically. Whether it is 3PL warehousing, last-mile delivery, 3PL fulfillment, order return management, or e-commerce, all the operations are streamlined by Diggipacks to meet your business requirements.

On the other hand, Ginkgo Retail is an omnichannel platform with cutting-edge solutions to serve Pakistan’s e-commerce industry. This SaaS-based service provider is an award-winning company entertaining over 100 e-commerce businesses, for the past 3 years and still progressing vigorously. As an omnichannel solution, Ginkgo integrates various business processes through automation such as ERPs, online and physical stores, logistics management, and order management, etc. enabling merchants to view the most accurate and reliable data reports. Saudi delegation took into account Ginkgo’s proficiency in automating e-commerce business processes and realized its utmost need to assist businesses in the Middle East states. Therefore, Diggipacks invested millions of dollars in Ginkgo’s global expansion

In the Future Fest, Dr. Khalid Arsalan, the Minister of the IT department in Pakistan witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two parties to mature the deal. It helps to grow Pak-Saudi e-commerce trade relations

An e-commerce expert and entrepreneur, Mr. Obaid Arshad (Co-founder and CEO at Ginkgo Retail), through experimentation has explored productive ways to bloom the company and serve the e-commerce industry in a better way. Both parties are expected to work hand in hand to boost digital trade by utilizing masterminds from both ends and struggle to flourish the e-commerce industry around the Middle East and in Pakistan.

In the conclusion, Ginkgo can be acknowledged as the precursor to establishing a better future for the e-commerce industry not just in Pakistan but Globally in the coming days. In the ever-changing e-commerce market, integration with Ginkgo can turn the fate of many businesses by generating good revenue for merchants.