What are the qualities of good logistics management software

Qualities of good Logistics management software

Logistics itself means transporting goods to the end customers. Logistic companies nowadays are highly efficient and thriving to provide much more end-to-end facilities maintaining their position in the competitive market. To come up to the level of competition, all e-commerce businesses must have logistic software to optimize their internal and external logistic processes. 

Some of the major, yet well-known logistic companies of Pakistan including TCS, Leopards, AHL, DHL, FedEx etc helped to bridge B2C, B2B, C2B and C2C relations strongly.

When there is a competition, there is always a need to know which is standing best. It is nearly impossible for the businesses to guess which logistics to integrate based on their performance and which is following the exact KPIs according to the specific business. They even do not know how to make the logistic companies accountable for their commitments and set of rules.

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Do not worry! Ginkgo Retail has the solution for you. Ginkgo provides recommendations for the best performing courier and automatically selects the one through the intelligent algorithms and datasets available within the system.  

Yes! Ginkgo Retail is a full-flanged ecommerce business solution which is built with a special logistic Management feature to provide a detailed overview of logistic performance. So that merchants can choose the best. Ginkgo helps in making Logistics companies accountable for their commitments as well.

This article will put light on the qualities of excellent logistic Management software making a merchant’s decision easier to choose one for their e-commerce and retail business.

Qualities of a Good Logistics Management Software

Some of the best qualities of logistics management software are mentioned below:

Qualities of good Logistics Management Software

Must be able to perform basic functions of logistics management

Logistics companies usually pick, pack and deliver the parcel from one end to another. In e-commerce and retail businesses, it is all about deliveries or returns. If an order is to be delivered, the brand will select a specific courier company to deliver their parcel to the respective customer. And if there is a return issue then the customer has to book the parcel back on the selected courier service.

The logistics management software helps to record all activities from start to end making the process flow easier and flawless. With simple logistic software, merchants can manage their transport, freight and courier selection on the go. Logistics management software is highly beneficial for e-commerce and retail businesses considering logistics management an essential part of e-commerce.

Almost all ERP software provides a logistics management module. However, very few come with features that fit exactly the needs of the business. E-commerce and retail businesses must have logistics management software integrated into their ERP according to their requirement. 

Must be able to automate warehouse related operations

Logistics management software must be flexible enough that gets itself fit according to warehouse operations as well. Whether the business has its warehouse or working on a drop-ship model, the logistic module must be able to automate operations according to business needs. It must avoid duplication of orders and maintain immaculate real-time data so that merchants can view it as and when required.

Automatically generate Airway Bills

Logistics software must timely auto-generate consignment numbers and invoices important for shipment of the orders to avoid inaccuracy in data-keeping. And update the system accordingly. As e-commerce and retail businesses tend to have these operations on a regular basis, there must be a faultless approach to such activities. Information like stock availability, the weight of the order, time, min-max purchase, order point etc. must be properly recorded and printed to reduce the human error factor. In an ideal condition, merchants should be able to configure this set of information generation according to their business needs.

This not only increases efficiency but the reduction in human errors reduces product return rate as well. Eventually triggering customer satisfaction.

Must be able to manage returns and update the system

It is common to have a one-in-hundred product return in an e-commerce business. Considering this a common factor, good logistics management software must be able to record product return data as well. It should be able to handle related tasks and update the system accordingly. Cause of return including damages, expired, not the same as ordered etc. must be recorded in the system so that merchants can have a better idea about the quality of service they are providing. This is important for gaining customer satisfaction and retention.

Must be flexible to provide other software integrations

A good logistics software tends to get integrated with multiple other software. It must be flexible enough to allow integrations of other apps and software so that the whole ERP system becomes more efficient. Cloud-based logistics management software keeps on updating information across all channels. Therefore, flexibility for integrations is a must-to-have characteristic of good logistics management software.

Must be able to track the orders statuses

Knowing about the order status is highly essential in case of the product delivery. A logistic module must have the capability to track the order status and update it in OMS automatically according to the logistics tracking information. Whether the product is delivered, in the way or returning etc. a merchant must be aware of all information beforehand.

Must be able to auto-select courier service

Most logistics management software works manually. The human workforce is required to assign orders to specific couriers based on location and available inventory. A good logistic module must self-prioritize the courier selection based on the courier’s performance in a specific location. And keeps on assigning orders to increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Store and update all order-related info timely

Timely synchronization of all statuses and information related to orders is highly necessary for fast-paced e-commerce businesses. Otherwise, system flow can get disturbed due to miss managed inventory and order assignments.

The aforementioned are some of the characteristics which a good logistics module should have. Now let’s see what Ginkgo is here with.

Characteristics of Ginkgo Logistics Module

Ginkgo is a complete e-commerce business solution that provides various modules to make the end-to-end order journey smooth and efficient. Ginkgo Retail is highly flexible and can be molded according to the merchant’s needs. The same is the case with the logistics module of Ginkgo. Merchants can automate processes according to their business needs. Following are the basic functionalities that the Logistics module of Ginkgo Retail provides:

3PL Logistics Integration and handling

Ginkgo allows multiple third-party logistics integration. Right now it is providing integration with 45+ logistic companies including local and international courier companies like DHL, TCS, FedEx, AHL, Leopards etc. In addition to it, Gingko Retail allows multiple other software integrations as well which supports overall business. This includes order management system, POS, ERPs etc.

Predefine Automation for order fulfillment

Merchants can predefine the rules of courier selection based on their business needs and locations. They can set up rules to assign orders to courier services, ensuring timely order delivery and retaining customer satisfaction.

Performance-based courier selection

Ginkgo keeps on recording courier performances. To improve the efficiency of the whole system, it auto-selects couriers and assigns orders for a smoother and quicker order journey based on the courier’s performance. Merchants do not have to worry about which logistic company to choose.

Track Shipment

The Logistics module of Ginkgo Retail can track real-time order statuses and update the system accordingly. Merchants can view them on the go. Below are some of the other benefits that the Track-it module provides:

  • Universal order tracking: Customers can track their orders anytime. 
  • Order history: Customers can view their complete order history in a single pane.
  • Reviews and ratings: It allows ratings and reviews from customers. Based on those reviews BI reports are generated which helps in improving product quality further. 
  • Customized branding: Merchants can personalize it according to their branding. 
  • Request order cancellation: Merchants can control order cancellation by customers before dispatch.
  • Email Reminders: Merchants can send email reminders to make sure to get reviews and ratings from all customers.

Financial Reconciliation

Ginkgo’s Logistic module provides payment statuses as well. Whether the order is paid, partially paid or COD, merchants can get all info in one place.

Trending Reports

From the start of the logistic operation till its end, all data gets recorded timely by the Ginkgo Logistic module. Merchants can view reports as well based on all information saved during the order processing and delivery. They can even have a single-screen view of courier performance to get a better idea about the quality of their product. They can view courier performance, deliveries and returns in analytics.

Benefits of having Ginkgo’s Logistic Module Integrated

Merchants can now enjoy the following benefits through the Logistics Module provided by Ginkgo Retail.

Optimized Logistic Processes

  • It makes the supply chain procedure smooth and error-free. 
  • Merchandising processes become more efficient.
  • Preparing, checking, and shipping becomes error-free.

Detailed view in one place

  • Bird-eye view of all processes makes further business planning easier. 
  • Merchants can make decisions based on updated reports.
  • Can enjoy making a further business plan.

Customer’s Loyalty

  • Raises brand’s trust factor.
  • Raises brand reliability.
  • Raises customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Better administration

  • Administration of whole logistic processes become smooth.
  • Automated documentations make all information handy.

Easy management of warehouses

  • Optimizes the need for stock investment
  • No overfilling and wastage of space in the warehouse as every process moves with a smooth flow.

Real-time data update and access

  • The data sync feature keeps on updating information timely.
  • All data is stored in the cloud which makes it easily accessible. 

Up till now, Gingko Retail’s Logistic module has benefited over 30+ clients. Whether they have their outlets in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dubai or anywhere at International Level, Ginkgo’s e-logistics feature has proven itself.

There is still more about our Logistics Module which can be varied according to the merchant’s need.

Know more about the Logistics module of Ginkgo Retail by booking a demo now with our experts. Either click here or call us at +92-300-0342356 to request a demo.