Top 5 Online Marketplaces in Pakistan which are using advanced technology

Pecuniary stats shows that the era of COVID-19 evidenced to be a great jackpot for e-commerce business around the globe. As mentioned in Dawn News, ‘the most benefitted companies are business to consumer (B2C) companies.’ And e-commerce chit-chat is maximum about B2C.

In Pakistan, Digital transformation in retail wrote new pages in the book of e-commerce history since COVID hit this earth. As people got restricted inside homes and weren’t able to go out to purchase useful stuff they had to try ordering from online marketplaces. People who never used or didn’t trust online marketplaces were now in-game. The value of marketplaces then gradually increased and many new online marketplaces came into existence. Some of them were old and got fame within no time. However, this was the right time for the new ones as well.

What is an Online Marketplace?

As clear from its name, an online marketplace is an online store or can-say mall that allows numerous brands to sell through a single place. A multi-vendor online market that helps you find the right things in fewer minutes than walking physically in any mall. Just by applying filters, you can search for what you want. A single online marketplace shows the plethora of third-party products and services with ample information to make customers take purchase-making decisions instantly. In addition to that, customers’ reviews and ratings of the products are visible publically which helps make the right purchase at the right amount. 

An online marketplace is different from a single brand e-commerce website. A single brand encloses products of its own whereas an online marketplace is a hub where multiple brands and vendors can enlist their products for selling online. In single-brand websites, customers are only shown products restricted to that brand. Whereas in a Marketplace, customers can compare products, prices and can search for more options within the same website. 

Whether it is a single brand website or a marketplace, both allow customers to home deliver their chosen products. They can pay through cash on delivery or online if they want. The best thing is to pay cash on delivery to avoid any mishaps in case there is an issue with the product. 

To manage a huge list of products and vendors, these marketplaces use multi-vendor management systems like Ginkgo Retail to make their order processing smoother and quicker. Many new advanced technologies also have been introduced to keep the e-commerce business up.

Mobile apps are the biggest step toward the advancement of the e-commerce industry. Marketplaces make use of apps that bring in more customers. Through these apps, they provide offers and discounts as well. Customers can earn points while purchasing their stuff. The points can later be redeemed to cash in the app wallet. 

Some of the best marketplaces of Pakistan which are serving Pakistanis with the best quality products are mentioned below. 

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Top 5 High Ranked Online Marketplaces in Pakistan

Searching for something you need? Daraz has everything for you. From Kitchen accessories to apparel, everything is available on Daraz because of its huge list of vendors from different regions of Pakistan. Daraz was initially founded by Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah and comprises of fashion apparel and accessories only. Later it grew when vendors dived in. In 2018, Daraz became an officially owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group. 


Daraz changed the way of shopping in Pakistan for the first time in 2012 and got fame within days. The huge product range is the main reason for this. is enlisted on the top because of the traffic it owns. It holds a country Alexa rank of 6. Network spread across Asia, this online marketplace also covers regions including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. In 2021, Daraz introduced food delivery as well. With such a huge range of products, Daraz covers 60% of the overall DEX orders right now. 


For customer retention, Daraz pays special care to its e-commerce processes including order managementinventory management and logistic management. To make all processes they are using advanced technology. 


Customers can also return orders within 7 days of delivery. Daraz’s return policy allows customers to return the product if there is any fault or is not the same as ordered. Daraz is in the game because of its huge product range and trusted return policy. 


Daraz is making use of the app to attract more customers. Through its app, it is providing benefits that customers can avail to make their next purchase. These benefits are in form of coupons and vouchers. Which can be used as discounts while checkout. Daraz is also making use of newsletters to keep its customers updated on the new offers and sale information.


Another online marketplace which is providing a huge range of men’s, women’s, kids’ accessories and outfits. It also enlists products of electronics, décor stationery and much more. Emerged in 2011, ishopping is providing millions of branded products from 10,000+ vendors to customers around Pakistan. With its promising services and trusted return policy ishopping has marked its way out in the journey of online marketplace businesses. By connecting retail businesses with an online marketplace, ishopping has provided a huge range of products for customers to choose the best for them.


Shopsy is next on the list of the top 5 online marketplaces because of its feature of browsing over 5 million products around Pakistan. Using this feature customers can compare prices of the same products present in different stores around Pakistan. The best reasonable prices allow the customer to make a purchase instantly.  Shopsy itself is an online marketplace providing electronics, fashion wear, beauty and health products, kids wear and toys, home and living, sports goods and more. Brands search option is also available for customer ease. It also provides home delivery. Return and exchange policy helps to win customers’ trust and satisfaction.


As Pakistan is now eminent for its apparel industry, JOMO has become the main hub for all brands. JOMO has gathered all high-class brands together under a single umbrella providing people with a simpler place to search for their favourite product. Top fashion brands of Pakistan including Lark and Finch, Sapphire, Ace, Nishat Linen, Cross Stitch and more are present in this single online marketplace. JOMO can manage a huge number of products and orders because of its efficient order processing and delivery. This brand also allows the return or exchange of the product if the customer faces any issue related to that product. 

Founded in 2020 JOMO paved its way rapidly towards success. Within very little time it has attracted millions of people around Pakistan with its promising and efficient order processing services. JOMO makes use of omnichannel for its smoother operations. Order Management, Inventory management are being managed by GINKGO Retail. JOMO can overview the statuses of inventory and orders through a single dashboard. It also has reduced the order processing and delivery time. 

So trusting JOMO for the best quality products and service is not vain.


Soloto is a project of SERVICE SALES CORPORATION (PVT.) LTD., (SSC) covering major shoe brands of Pakistan. SERVICE SALES CORPORATION (PVT.) LTD., (SSC) is one of the most promising shoe brands in Pakistan which is providing its products since 1954. Efficient service and unmatched product quality has made SSC a market leader since 1954. 

Soloto is a shoe hub enlisting products of Servis, Ndure, Shoe Planet, Calza, Liza and Toz. With help of a one-stop e-commerce business solution soloto has made order processing and delivery easier and faster than any other brand. Soloto is new in the race for the best online marketplace but gradually is attaining the position of the market leader in Pakistan as this is the single hub present in Pakistan providing high-quality shoes. 

Soloto is also making use of Ginkgo retail for its e-commerce and retail needs. Through this omnichannel, they can manage all their operations more efficiently. 

If this question arises in your mind that which is the best marketplace store in Pakistan then above is the answer to your question. The above mentioned are the top 5 online marketplaces in Pakistan. There are other marketplaces as well but these 5 have gained more popularity because of the quality of products and promising services they provide. 

A maximum of the e-commerce brands are making use of advanced technology to boost sales and bring in more customer satisfaction. Omnichannel is one of the best ways to manage, monitor and control all e-commerce and retail operations from a single desk. It also helps to connect e-commerce and retail for the best inventory management. Omnichannel is also a cost-effective solution to manage the e-commerce business as it reduces overall manpower to control daily operations. 

As time is moving on, tech people are introducing more new technologies to automate systems and make routine tasks more efficient than before. The day-to-day advancement in technology will surely bring in new ideas and innovations to improve e-commerce businesses further.