Ginkgo Retail acquired Unified Courier Application by Alchemative.

Ginkgo Retail acquired Unified Courier Application by Alchemative

Ginkgo Retail is an ecommerce operating system for both local and international markets. Ginkgo has 50+ brands onboarded such as Sapphire, NishatLinen, Outfitters, Bata, Ndure, etc, and maintained a successful track record of being a cost-effective and true automation solution for the e-commerce industry.

Ginkgo Retail, being a pioneer in the ecommerce industry, identified Unified Courier Application by Alchemative, a market initiator in logistics automation, acquired it to pace it technologically a step ahead. As Ginkgo Retail itself has a strong market positioning with a substantial record of 15 million successful processed orders handling worth 50 billion PKR.

The statistical success rate of Ginkgo Retail in implementing a centralized automated omnichannel solution forecasts the expected rate of returns to be reduced by 30% to 50% and the customer retention rate increased by 30%.

The promised narrative of Ginkgo Retail for adding value to the merchants’ e-commerce operations is yet once again not compromised. As Ginkgo Retail is proactively forecasting ecommerce industry gaps and introducing dynamic and impactful solutions for the merchants in the market. Furthermore, a promising self-steering solution will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and a reduction in operational costs in this fast-paced eCommerce omnichannel era.