Centralizing Sales Channel Increases Growth

How Centralizing Sales Channel Increases Growth?

What are sales channels?

Where to vend? It is the major query to resolve by a business producing products or providing services. With the growing technology and easy access to the internet, online or e-commerce trading gets an incredible boost. People of all age groups and gender are quite familiar with the usage of smartphones and other devices. Purchasing is just one click away and the product reaches your door. Thus most businesses now prefer e-commerce sales channels as the chief path to reach a wide range of customers by offering online services. Sales channels are an alleyway to connect with target customers for selling purposes, whether services or products. It is viewable to customers of all kinds and for merchants, all operations are pretty handy to monitor via multichannel order management software. Here mentioned a few examples of resourceful sales channels that can be utilized for effective sales.

multichannel marketing and selling

Graph 1.1: Marketing and selling through multiple sales channels significantly increase business revenue. The facts can be witnessed through a statistical report available on the Shopify Plus website. According to the report, the percentage of revenue upsurges as the number of sales channels increases.

Types of Sales Channels


Ecommerce sale is the online trading where merchants sell their products or services over online stores. The most popular and productive sales method nowadays for small and large scale businesses. Whether it is clothes, food items, machinery, etc. every single product can be purchased online from the comfort of your home. It’s a mammoth sales channel touching an enormous range of customers. Overviewing the Statista report it is assessed that by 2025 eCommerce trading will stretch to 8.5 trillion U.S dollars worldwide. Graph 2.1 shows the statistical report.

physical vs ecommerce sales

Graph 1.2: Difference between purchases from physical retail and e-commerce in the U.S


The foremost purpose of the retail sales channel is to let the merchants meet in person with the customers and attain their immediate feedback. Customers can discuss and purchase by physically inspecting the product. Ecommerce businesses can get a chance to develop good customer relationships through retail sales channels by booking a stall at an expo or renting a shop in a mall temporarily.

Traditional marketplaces

One of the most indispensable sales channels for merchants and a popular platform among customers to make a purchase is through a traditional marketplace. Some big and prominent names under this banner are Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Google Shopping, and Walmart marketplace. These provide an immense variety of products to purchase from a single platform. Customers can search by product name irrespective of the brand it comes under. However, all the useful information and product specs are easily stated for the customer’s convenience.


Wholesale is merchandising through another party. They purchase the items in bulk from the main source and sell them on their own. Few businesses work as a wholesaler; others may use multiple sales channels alone. Wholesalers can generate prodigious revenue by moving huge inventory in one go. Such merchants use the best inventory management software to organize data efficiently.

Modern marketplaces

Modern marketplaces comprise social media conduits, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. These are content-driven podiums used by the maximum population of the country. Therefore, it connects to a lot of customers more smartly by just activating the Buy button.


Resellers are the retailers who purchase the product and sell it with their name and packing. They may also make an effort to improve the products’ quality.

Mobile apps

Revenue generated by trading through mobile apps saw a drastic multiplication in the past few years. Customers find it easy to download mobile applications provided by brands and make a purchase through their smartphones. Foodpanda is the best example to quote. They offer fast delivery of food from any of your favorite restaurants in the town. Many businesses now offer mobile apps for easy access to their services or products.

White label

These are the general products like shopping bags which are mostly sold at grocery stores for putting in groceries. Brands purchase it from a merchant and get their logo and name printed on them.

B2B sales

It’s a business-to-business trade where a business sells its services or products to another business. Software companies such as Ginkgo retail is an example of this. They provide services like customer relationship management software (CRM) for data management. Many well-known companies like Sapphire and Nishat linen are getting benefits from their services.

Direct to customers

Brands can provide a facility to purchase directly from their website, no other retailer is involved in the procedure. It eliminates any inconvenience that may occur due to selling through another merchant.


It’s a kind of marketing and selling through social media influencers. Merchants get into a partnership with such sources to market their products. In return, the hired person may get a special discount on products or get a commission on a successful deal he makes.

What is sales channel Management?

Instead of limiting to a single means of trade, a multiple sales channel approach could be an apt move to increase revenue. Thus merchants should consider it mandatory to find numerous ways for marketing and sell products. Sales channel management is the marketing strategy developed by merchants to reach the maximum number of customers.

How important is it to manage sales channels properly?

To uphold stability in the long run, stretching out a good plan is advisable for merchants. It optimizes the revenue generated, helps to reach more customers, and assists in data organization. The better way is to join hands with a software company that provides multichannel order management software.

  • They automate the system.
  • Generate real-time data reports
  • Integrates data from all sales channels into one dashboard. 
  • Help shape good sales strategy.
  • Suggest the most appropriate solutions.

What strategies are fruitful?

To mature your company on firm grounds keep an eye on these few e-commerce sales channel strategies.

Carry out research

Research is the foremost step to observe, as without deliberating existing sales channels it is tough to decide which one to go for. Search for the possibilities and understand the channels so you can opt for the best one that boosts your business. Some most visited sales channels by customers include online stores, websites, and social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Measure your business maturity level

Choosing the right sales channel depends on the maturity of the business. Beginners can collaborate with mature partners in the early stages to ensure smooth running and attain experience for the next level. Whereas larger businesses can opt for modern sales channels to heighten trade by employing a sales team to handle the matter.

Opt for competent partners

Join forces with a competent partner who can be a distributor, reseller, or supplier. Business management and product distribution are significant processes. Incorporating multichannel inventory management software can provide system automation which ensures access to a wide range of customers and fulfillment of their orders.

Get assistance from multi-channel order management software providers

Multichannel order management is a tough task as merchants cannot monitor the pouring in of clients from various sources manually. To get accurate and reliable data collection reports over a single platform hire an e-commerce specialist. Many software companies provide services to manage data from multiple channels through an automated system. It enhances the performance of sales channels and helps to make rapid decisions.

Examples of sales channel management software

Here mentioned some examples of sales channel management software that automate the data management system to produce accurate and reliable statistical business reports.

Big e-commerce

Big e-commerce is an efficient software focused to manage the online store and drive traffic toward the business. Merchants can get help from tips and tricks provided on software usage. Noticeable features include:

  • Third-party applications
  • Simple to use and manage data
  • Easy-to-grasp interface
  • Customization
  • Generate inventory report
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Backend UI
  • Inbuilt features
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Bright pearl

Ease your work by offering inventory, order, and account management systems. It’s a single solution for all major e-commerce business requirements. Merchants can have a real-time evaluation of data from multiple sales channels. Bright pearl can also be counted among the best inventory management software so far. Features it comprises are:

  • Various plug integrations
  • Easy-to-grasp interface
  • Generate mass updates
  • Multi warehouse management
  • Highly automated
  • Integrates successfully
  • Data Accuracy
  • Speedy service
  • Merchants can get online tutorials and documentation


Over 6500 well-reputed companies such as Vodafone, Intersport, and Phillips are getting benefits from their services. For understanding the tools, the Channable offers training programs and an unbounded free trial period.

  • Amazing customer support service
  • Order management facility
  • Data generation from multiple sales channels 
  • Integrate data into a single dashboard
  • Cost-effective
  • Modern interface
  • Forthright integration options

Channel advisor

It’s a cloud based e-commerce multichannel order management software that makes the customer’s purchasing trip interesting. Significant features include:

  • Multichannel inventory management software
  • Order management
  • SEO
  • Generate detailed data reports
  • Simple to use
  • Keep on upgrading and suggest the most appropriate channel to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Appreciable customer service


Being multilingual it stands out as the best multichannel order management software. They offer a mobile app easy to install on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Ecwid gives a drastic boost to sales generating good revenue.

  • Easily understandable
  • Multi-currency settings
  • Built-in features
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Automatically upgrades its features
  • Good customer support system
  • Integrates with various content management systems plug-ins

Magento/adobe commerce

Magento now known chiefly as Adobe Commerce is a scalable and flexible multi-sales channel management software. Although it’s expensive software, the features and tools it offers are worth it.

Features include:

  • Third-party plugins integration
  • Online store customization
  • User friendly
  • Good customer service
  • Provide many extensions
  • CRM


When it comes to expert e-commerce management software, Shopify is a well-known name. You just need to bring your newly set up business to Shopify, the rest is handled by its highly professional team. Shopify is providing its services in 175 countries among which famous brands are included. 

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Can be accessed through mobile
  • Training programs available
  • Secure
  • Easy integration
  • Appreciable customer support system
  • Effortless UI
  • Gives an easy and simple way to connect with third-party
  • Various plugins for the payment process

How Ginkgo Sales channel Management Works

For business expansion, make sure your appearance on every podium where customers could possibly be. Trading through a single channel is not the solution instead multiple sales channels could help increase business revenue. Businesses that sell through multiple channels have extensive data to manage. Nothing can be left unnoticed, this calls for the assistance of an automated system that keeps on updating the merchants over working across all channels. Ginkgo simplifies the management of complex data. It does so with the help of the following features:

  • Multiple websites can be connected and their operations can be managed through Ginkgo multichannel order management software. 
  • All the operations across multiple sales channels are viewable on a single platform.
  • Through Ginkgo management software merchants can list the products on various channels from a single dashboard.
  • Let you manage the inventory and order management procedures over multiple channels under one umbrella (like Amazon and Daraz).
  • Multiple vendors can be handled and created through Ginkgo which provides vendor product Sync, vendor-wise price sync, and vendor-wise inventory sync.
  • Ginkgo offers a highly automated system generating real-time data reports with accuracy and reliability. 
  • Logistics can be actively monitored to ensure safe and on-time delivery of a product to the customer’s door.

Extract of discussion

Sales channel management software shares a burden of data collection. It brings in accuracy and reliability. Multichannel order management software takes over the labor of many employees invested in gathering data reports. Now they can be employed in some more important work. With Ginkgo, merchants can monitor all the operations from a single dashboard which would be otherwise tough to handle manually.