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How business intelligence reporting software benefits the e-commerce business

In this ever-changing world of technology, it is hard to compete with businesses that co-exist, especially e-commerce businesses which most people prefer nowadays. Online selling is a trend that needs a lot of effort to gain the confidence of customers. To improve performance and stand out as a better one, efficient reporting methods must be adopted.

The use of AI-powered modules and business intelligence (BI) tools is beneficial for e-commerce businesses to optimize customer experience and make wise business decisions based on statistical data.

What is Business Intelligence BI reporting software?

BI module is an e-commerce business analyzer that generates real-time data-based reports. Good understanding and proper use of this module could lead your e-commerce business towards success by uplifting sales in a very less time. It helps clear flaws in business operations thus improving customer satisfaction to the maximum level.

The Ginkgo BI module works in the same way. It extracts the raw data from multiple data sources, transforms and analyzes it and ultimately provides visuals of useful reports and dashboards. By using this data Ginkgo BI module suggests better solutions and reveals issues that may hinder the business progress. Data from multiple interconnected resources like e-stores, warehouses, retail stores, marketplace, etc. can be analyzed at once in a single platform.

The customers’ acquisition and analysis, product analysis, and sales evaluation are also part of the BI reporting software. E-commerce businesses that use the Ginkgo BI module are capable of making data-driven conclusions and could improve in areas where they lack. So to know your business well and to drive it progressively, merchants must get this module installed.

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of using Business Intelligence reporting software to upgrow an e-commerce business well.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Software for an e-commerce business

Get vital business insights

BI module consistently gathers and analyzes minor or major data timely therefore, it gets easier for users to engender data reports. Ecommerce businesses will have the option to customize data reports and organize them in the best possible way. Users can focus on specific KPIs and could organize reports all by themselves by running ad hoc reports. You can work confidently as it provides all the relevant data information about your business.

Simplifies benchmarking process

Quick decisions and fast thinking are integral components to develop a successful business. As big businesses are concerned, getting time to inquire about data reports in detail is nearly impossible on daily basis. Here BI reporting software is a delight to flourish big businesses with the ease of having an eye over company data constantly. This helps to make prolific decisions in favor of a company.

Benchmarking is an essential tool companies struggles with to generate expedient data for estimating their revenue, productivity, and overall well-being in comparison to rivals in the market. It provides this facility which is easy to process and produces comprehensible information. With this aptitude, businesses could evaluate their capabilities relative to existing contenders in the industry and could mend to lead the competition.

Competent in managing business goals

With BI reporting, goals for the business can be managed and executed effectively. Companies have to just put in data related to sales targets with expected delivery time, BI module will then track and record progress every day. Easy organization and access to the data record saves time which will otherwise take hours or days to jolt down for review. This is the most convenient module to track sales records every moment so any issue can be sorted immediately rather fixing it later. Trajectory to fulfillment of goals can be monitored by users who then work to improve performance and make sales better.

Don’t let miss opportunities

Many companies are unaware of opportunities they miss which the BI module makes noticeable. It also gives detailed reports on opportunities an e-commerce business can avail of currently or in the future. Customer inclination is important which this module identify and report in detail adding value to sales.

Share burden

Automated data generation let the manpower stick to more productive tasks. It took off the burden from the shoulders of employees working in the data analyzing and data entry department. Moreover, the probability of human error in the report is nil, and it is also a cost-effective solution that saves time and money a company spends over two or three employees for the data organization. BI reporting module pinpoints weak areas of the operations that the company can identify through data reports and suggest effective solutions to lessen these flaws.

No more guesswork

BI reporting software leaves no room for assumptions and uncertainty in making decisions. Owners can go through data report which gives inclusive detail on finance, marketing, and management of the company. It lay out the best plan that is data-driven and often leads to progress.

Keep a record of stockroom needs

In stock or out of stock every granular detail is produced by the BI module to meet the requirements instantly and deduct unnecessary delays regarding the stockroom that may be an obstacle to business progress. So it reports on inventory waste and buying needs in the future.

Build healthy customer relationship

It tells the number of customers reaching you from various sources of marketing which is useful in keeping old customers and approaching new ones.

Get competitive analysis

Keeping an account of your competitors is necessary to survive in the market. BI reporting module helps in tracking your business performance which can later be compared with competitors’ performance. So it clearly shows areas for improvement to keep up with the challenging market trends.

Secure and protective

As the decision of the company is solely data-driven, therefore security becomes a priority that the BI reporting module assuredly provides. It monitors fraud and has features to manage risks that might be encountered.

Introduction to Ginkgo BI Module

Ginkgo Bi Module

Ginkgo BI module serves you with the best features. It can be considered an all-rounder module that got many interesting and much-needed features beneficial to an e-commerce business.

It can Judge individual performance of courier service

On-time and safe delivery is the core requisite for e-commerce businesses for which much-worthy courier services need to be opted out of many. This is what the Ginkgo BI module serves you with, it gives a detailed report on the working of variable courier services you are engaged with. It displays individual statistics of courier service performances and compares them with each other in terms of quick or late deliveries, target fulfillment, and return rate.

Reporting on courier status

Ginkgo BI module generates detailed reports regarding each courier. It shows up a table with the client’s contact details to whom an order has to be delivered. Also, it shows whether the parcel is received successfully or returned. Date, time, clearance of payment every single detail is mentioned in the statistics. Moreover, users can also get a report on from where maximum orders are returned and to which cities it delivered mostly.

Management level reporting of orders

Whether the payment is done, not cleared, or the courier is returned by the customer, this feature will help to record all statuses. The management level dashboard gives stats on delivery comparison by mode of payments, the performance of courier service on an individual level, courier highlights, summary report on revenue, shipment type-wise order delivery success, and individual courier KPIs reporting.

Orders Aging Dashboard

It gives order and warehouse liability reports like the time required to dispatch the order and orders liable on the warehouse for dispatching before handing it over to the courier service. Users can filter the data according to the user’s specified dates and locality.

Order Tracking Dashboard

Knowing that your parcel is traveling safely and sound is important. This feature of the Ginkgo BI module help in tracking dispatched orders. It keeps on alerting the user until the courier reaches its destination. You can get a status-wise summary of a courier, an order-wise courier report, and financial status report.

Product Analytical Dashboard

Profit and loss statistics are displayed under this feature. It shows high to low sales (and vice versa) and returns reports. How many products are sold, returned, canceled, dispatched, and in halt? These questions are reported by the Ginkgo BI module. Deep product analysis is made which generates data over top most selling items and the ones with maximum returns. In terms of payment item selling success is also judged. This feature lends a hand in analyzing the product on an individual basis and making data-based decisions for the betterment of the e-commerce business.

Visual display of data

The promising feature of the Ginkgo BI module is the easy-to-understand display of data reports in the form of tables, charts, and bars. Even the less skillful person can handle this module and understand the company statistics.

What makes Ginkgo BI stand out?

The huge range of features within this single reporting module makes the Ginkgo BI reporting module stand out. Some of the major unparalleled points are mentioned below:

  1. Multiple Dashboards & Reports availability for multiple teams on a single platform. 
  2. Amazon Quicksight report builder available for custom reporting
  3. Datasets will be maintained from Ginkgo to Amazon
  4. Flexibility in timings for data synchronization
  5. Export in CSV & Excel option available for every report

In short, the Ginkgo BI module is an all-rounder reporting software specially designed for an e-commerce business that not only comprises too many useful features but is highly user-friendly as well.