DHL integration and automation

DHL integration and automation in the logistics for the ecommerce industry

Automation. When this word comes to mind we often think of machines or robots performing tough tasks that are hard to conceive manually. In the e-commerce world, automation is an inseparable factor. The rapid expansion of online businesses and technological advancements ignite the need for automation to optimize operations. Here we focus on the term logistics automation which refers to a software system that enhances business efficiency through automation. It carefully monitors transportation operations and integrates useful data with the least human interference.

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Software companies like Ginkgo retail provide DHL Integration solution by integrating procedures with AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (business intelligence) reporting systems. It ensures the easy and real-time flow of information between merchants and logistics companies. In this way, both parties can work in coordination to provide better customer service. As per Statista, globally the logistics automation market keeps on growing since 2018 up till now and is prophesied to puff up further in the future. E-commerce businesses are investing in logistics automation systems to iron out workflows for business optimization and sustain as competent brands in the pool of competitors.

Growth of the logistics automation market around the globe from 2018 to 2027.

Graph 1.1: Growth of the logistics automation market around the globe from 2018 to 2027.

Benefits of logistics automation

There are certain advantages to incorporating automation in the business. However, it may bring some risks as well but, it paybacks more than losses. Here is the statistical report attached as a reference from Statista, it relates to how automation boons your work.

How automation impacts your business operations

Graph 1.2: How automation impacts your business operations?

Reliable data information with zero error

E-commerce businesses will experience a drastic decrease in data entry errors which are more probable via manual intervention. Merchants can have access to accurate and unswerving data information allied to products, freight rates, fuel surcharges, freight classes, etc. It saves time and money wastage due to data errors.

Real-time updates

Real-time data updates, auto-pickup, facility to track order journeys both by merchants and customers, and automated notification system optimize business operations and attain customer satisfaction. Developing good customer relationships is thus an essential aspect of growing a business.

Enhance business scalability and speed up the operations

Joining hands with the most competent logistics automation company such as Ginkgo which provides DHL integration and automation facility, merchants can enhance business scalability and can speed up various work processes. Logistics procedures are handled smartly with apt suggestions via statistical reports.

Lowers labor cost

Before automation, huge manpower was being used in logistics management procedures. With the introduction of logistics automation, even minuscule tasks are monitored through a single source which cut down labor costs benefiting businesses. Now labor can be devoted to more productive tasks.

Data integration to a single platform

Entire data is integrated into a single platform and presented in the form of a statistical report for easy evaluation by merchants. Judging courier performance and making sure of fast deliveries.

DHL logistics automation

Let’s comprehend why integration software for DHL is significant for e-commerce businesses. DHL is the utmost trustable, reliable, well-reputed, fastest logistics service provider, globally. They offer a safe and cost-effective delivery to the customer’s door. Whether you are moving your products in bulk or delivering a single package, DHL caters to your logistics needs. They pick up shipments from your warehouse, deliver them to customers and also accommodate reverse logistics. Like many other giant names in the services of logistics such as FedEx, Nippon Express, and Yusen logistics, DHL is a prominent name serving various industries since 1969. (Source)

DHL e-commerce provides easy integration with various e-commerce platforms and logistics management software. Ginkgo retail is one of the prominent examples in Pakistan that offers effective DHL integration and automation to accelerate the logistics management processes of many e-commerce businesses.

Graph 1.3: Revenue generated by DHL in 2021 via providing logistics services to various regions worldwide.

According to Statista, DHL generated splendid income in the year 2021 by providing logistics services to various regions worldwide. It is considered the largest logistics service provider using various modes of transportation such as via air, land, and water.

Ginkgo provides DHL integration and automation

It is becoming a challenge for merchants to survive in the e-commerce market loaded with competitors. One with good customer service is the market leader. Good customer relationships can be developed if you have streamlined, well-managed operations at the back. From product manufacturing to its successful delivery to the customer’s door, all processes are complex and need precise evaluation which is hard to achieve through traditional methods. So business automation is now trending to boost efficiency effectively. The assistance of IT experts and software companies is substantial in updating systems with the integration of AI and BI software.

Ginkgo acts as a moderator to develop good communication

Ginkgo retail is one such software company that works in collaboration with DHL and provides DHL integration and automation facility to the merchants. It streamlines your logistics processes by integrating data and updating both parties. Moreover, it automates email and notification systems, to maintain fast communication between DHL and your company through real-time data updates.

Ginkgo manages everything for you

The Ginkgo interface is super-efficient in working and easy to use. AI or artificial technology provided by Ginkgo helps merchants to create quotes, generate invoices, manage bookings, follow up on various tasks, and ensure smooth workflow. Every single step in the logistics operation is managed by Ginkgo for you.

Provide topmost DHL integration and automation

Ginkgo provides high-level integration with DHL logistics that no other integration software providers in Pakistan can do so.  Joining hands with DHL, Ginkgo is handling international logistics of many reputed brands such as the Nishat group of companies. Putting orders in the process through the DHL portal takes 15 to 20 minutes but with Ginkgo retail, initiating bulk orders is not a time taking task anymore as it let you do it within seconds. It saves time and ensures fast delivery to attain customer satisfaction.

Schedule a parcel pick

Your parcel collection by DHL deliverer is made easy with Ginkgo as it schedules a pick time online and put in location of pick up point. Inform the shipping company timely through notifications providing necessary details regarding parcel such as size, weight, type of shipment etc. DHL deliverer then come on the scheduled time to pick up the parcel.

Download and print shipping labels from the DHL portal

As Ginkgo serves you with DHL integration, merchants are updated with real-time delivery status from order pickup by DHL to successful delivery. It downloads and prints shipping labels from the DHL portal.

Manage reverse logistics for you via DHL

Order returns are expected in e-commerce businesses that need to be managed alongside to avoid mismanagement and ensure the smooth running of the supply chain cycle. Merchants don’t have to worry about order returns as Ginkgo via DHL integration solution manages reverse logistics as well. 

Analyze shipment details and generate a report for submission to DHL

DHL shipping rates are contingent on some variables such as the size and volume of the shipment, distance to move for delivery, and time within which it has to be delivered. Shipment details by merchants should be submitted to get a quote. Ginkgo automates the whole process, it analyzes the provided shipment details, generates a report, and sends it to DHL which otherwise would be a time-consuming task manually with a scope of human errors. Moreover, Ginkgo also suggests ways to get shipment rates under your budget.

How Ginkgo benefits merchants?

On one side, Ginkgo is providing DHL integration and automation, on another side, it serves as an omnichannel, managing all your business operations. Whether it is raw material supply management, order management, warehouse management, inventory management, or logistics management, Ginkgo carefully records and analyzes data engendering statistical reports for easy evaluation by merchants. As it is fed with data from the core it can suggest the best solutions for the shipping procedure. Ginkgo thus precisely manages logistics optimizing efficiency and helping manage logistics at economical rates. 

Ginkgo speeds up logistics operations through automation giving you a flexible outlook. It gives updates on possible risks that might be encountered and also suggest solutions. Merchants can get real-time data updates with zero errors which helps in making quick decisions in the interest of the company. Most importantly Ginkgo’s highly customizable dashboard can be molded according to your business needs. Whether you are running a small business, delivering products in bulk, or sending a single package Ginkgo monitors the order fulfillment procedure from manufacturing to delivery at the customer’s door. 

Human labor cannot be replaced entirely because you still be needing IT professionals or experts to handle the software rightly. However, using an integrated software system like Ginkgo can help reduce the number of employees working on a single task. The spared employees can be invested in more productive business operations thus enhancing business efficiency and lowering business costs.

Final words

Automation is getting into most businesses for fast and efficient work. Accuracy, speed, efficiency, and quality are what every merchant needs to flourish business successfully. Using software systems for business automation is the smart move. The software keeps on updating and new features and innovations are made every year to optimize business processes. Investing in software to improve business management paybacks you in a positive way. Lower the freight cost by opting most proficient logistics management software such as Ginkgo that provides DHL integration and automation. So you can make customers happy by delivering shipments nationally and internationally without hesitation through a reliable source.